Container door handling locking gear - "low" or "high"?

Whether containers have "low" or "high" handling locking gear is a question of whether it was designed for international shipping or specifically for storage.

Team Boxhub

May 29, 2018

New "one-trip" containers will often have "high handling locking gear". This simply refers to the height of door handles and is primarily a question of what the container was initially built for. Either they are placed "high" or "low" on the doors.

High handling locking gear

As can be seen on the below beige container, the door handles (locking gear) are placed high on the doors. This makes it more comfortable to open/close the doors when the container is placed on the ground. In this way you don't need to bend down to open the container. This is an advantage when they are used for e.g. storage or a container "tiny home".

Low handling locking gear

On the blue container below, the locking gear is placed "low". This placement is an advantage when used for shipping purposes. Here, containers are most often opened/closed while still on the chassis being loaded and unloaded at factories and warehouses. Therefore "low" handling gear is by far the most common used on shipping containers.

Buying a container with "high handling locking gear"

If you want a container with "high handling locking gear", please check with us in advance. Most new "one-trip" containers are equipped with high handling locking gear, whereas the majority of used containers have low handling locking gear.

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