CSC Plates - if you need to ship the container

If you need to use your container for shipping or exports, it needs a valid "CSC Plate". For all cargo-worthy containers we can provide a CSC Survey for a small fee.

Team Boxhub

May 30, 2018

Using the container for shipping or exports

It is common to buy a used container for shipping or exporting goods. Instead of using a container provided by the shipping line, you can use your own container as a so-called “shipper owned container”.

For this purpose, you need to make sure that your container has a valid CSC Certificate. New containers will always have a valid CSC, but if you buy a “cargo-worthy” container you will need to have a CSC survey done as a requirement for the shipping line to accept your container on the ship.

Boxhub can provide a CSC survey prior to pick-up. In this way, you are ensured that the container lives up to the requirements for international shipping.

What is a CSC Survey?

“CSC” is the international “Convention for Safe Containers” established by the IMO in 1972. The convention establishes uniform international safety regulations and requires all containers to be fitted with a “CSC plate”. The CSC plate includes information on:

  • Identification number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Weight capacity
  • Stacking capabilities

All our new containers come with valid CSC plates. For cargo-worthy containers, add “CSC inspection” as an extra service and you are ready to use the container for shipping or exports. Boxhub works with independent certified 3rd party CSC inspectors to ensure the highest level of trust. With the inspection completed, you have confirmation that the container is approved as a “Shipper-Owned Container” (SOC) and you are ready to ship it internationally.

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