Shipping/exporting your Boxhub shipping container overseas

How do I ship or export my shipping container overseas? This "how-to" guide explains all the necessary steps.

Team Boxhub

August 11, 2019

Exporting your Boxhub shipping container overseas

Many of our customers buy a Boxhub shipping container in order to ship goods overseas in their own container. The advantage of using your own shipping container is that you will own the container at the destination. You can then use it for storage, sell it at the destination for a profit, or use it again for a return shipment.

Boxhub can supply the containers you need for the shipment and this guide explains the steps you need to go through.

Simple 10 Step Process

Below we outline the process for exporting a container overseas using your own "Shipper Owned Container ("SOC"):

  1. Contact a freight forwarder such as Agility, Kuhne & Nagel, or Flexport and state that you would like to make an export shipment using your own SOC container. Inform them that the container can be picked-up at the local BOXHUB depot.
  2. The freight forwarder will then inform you of the conditions of using your own container (they will require a CSC certificate & pictures of the unit).
  3. Book a "cargo-worthy" or "new" container on
  4. Once paid, Boxhub will instruct the depot to perform the "CSC survey" on the container (additional $100 fee).
  5. Boxhub will then send you the "CSC Certificate" including pictures to pass on to the freight forwarder.
  6. The freight forwarder will then pick up the container in our container depot and transport it to the loading location for loading.
  7. The container gets loaded.
  8. The freight forwarder will then pick-up the container at the loading location for transport to the port.
  9. The container is loaded on the ship and transported to destination.
  10. The container is offloaded at the destination and once customs are cleared, you can pick it up at the destination port (you now own the container).

Following this simple process you are likely to save money on the shipment and you will own your container once it arrives.

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