Understanding container grades

Should I get a new or used container and what is the difference between "cargo-worthy" and "wind & watertight"? This article outlines the four main condition categories and helps you choose the right container for your specific needs.

Team Boxhub

June 20, 2018

How do I chose which condition to get?

Boxhub operates with four container grades. Whatever the purpose the containers you need, will fit into one of these categories. The higher the quality the higher the price, so this guide helps you select the right container for your needs to make sure your solution is the most economical for you.

Grading overview - four standard conditions

We have created the overview below for you to see a comparison of the different grades:

Boxhub conditions

We sort our containers into four categories:

New "One-trip"

The best condition available on the market. These containers have taken only one trip from the factory in Asia with cargo. This is the best quality on the market and ready for any purpose. Use them for storage, modification into homes, or retails outlets, international shipping, or anything else you require. Select this option if an “as-new” physical appearance is important or you need the container for your shipping or transport fleet.


Good condition, still meets all requirements for shipping. Cargo-worthy containers still meet all requirements for transporting cargo. These containers can be CSC certified, allowing it to be used for shipping. These containers will be ideal for most purposes, both transportation, storage, and modification (especially for converting into housing as they floors are generally in a good condition). You should select this option if you need a high-quality container that can be used for any purpose.

Wind & watertight

Not ready for shipping, but perfect for storage or conversion projects. Wind & watertight is a term used for containers that are not necessarily repaired to a safe structural condition to transport cargo but remain wind & watertight. You should chose this option if you need a container for storage or modification, but do not need it to transport cargo.


No guarantees, only suitable if you can repair yourself. These units can be damaged and in need of repairs to be re-used. You should select these if you are building a pop-up bar, festival stall, or other structures where no heavy loading is required.

Condition guarantee

For all containers for sale at Boxhub.com (except for "as-is", guarantee that our containers are always;

  • Wind & watertight: No holes in steel work
  • Floors in good condition: No holes, but patches, scratches, and gouges acceptable
  • Doors in good working condition: Opening and closing properly

Find your container on Boxhub

Whatever your project, Boxhub is here to help you select the container size, type, and condition that is right for your needs. When you are ready head to www.boxhub.com and find the right container at the cheapest price, delivered straight to where you need it.