Boxouse – container homes on wheels

Oakland-based start-up Boxouse is delivering an innovative solution to affordable housing in California by converting 2nd-hand containers to comfortable homes.

Team Boxhub

May 22, 2018

Container homes on wheels

Oakland-based start-up Boxouse has an innovative solution to affordable housing in California by using 2nd-hand shipping containers.

Luke Iseman (a technology entrepreneur) started the company after living rent-free in a shipping container in the back-yard while renting out his own three-bedroom house. Luke and co-founder Heather Steward now live in a “Boxouse” while developing the company.

The Boxouse

The containers are standard 20ft used shipping containers which are bought from the shipping line fleets. Boxouse then refurbish them, with their own team of workers. This is a great example of up-cycling used containers and giving them new life after sailing many times around the world.

The units are for sale in two configurations with the standard version which is a fully functioning home with bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette costing $29,000.

The “Deluxe” version priced at $49,000 comes with all the extras such as automatic utility service, a solar system which is enough for heating and powering the unit and the kitchenette. Moreover, and app can control smart windows and lights, and be controlled by voice via Amazons “Alexa”-system.

Try it out on Airbnb

If you want to test the concept before buying, a Boxouse test unit can be rented on Airbnb for ~$50.

Find your container on Boxhub

If you are looking to build a similar project as Boxouse, Boxhub will be happy to find the right containers for you at the right price. Get in touch to discuss all container housing possibilities.