How to maintain your shipping container

Shipping containers are extremely strong structures made to withstand hurricanes and extreme heat as they move around the world on ships. With a few maintenance tips, you can make your shipping last even longer!

Team Boxhub

June 7, 2018

Tips for maintaining your shipping container

Shipping containers are built to endure the very harsh environment while making its journey across the world. Made from special COR-TEN steel, used shipping containers can last for many years after having been retired from the shipping fleets.

To help maximize the lifetime of your shipping container, Boxhub has a few tips to keep your container in shape:

  1. Make sure your container is on level ground. This makes it easier to avoid corrosion if puddles of water develop under or around the container and allows the doors to open and close like they’re supposed to. We recommend placing containers on railroad ties or concrete blocks to keep them raised from the ground and on even setting.
  2. Lubricate door hinges. The door hinges may seize after not being used for a long period of time. Applying grease on a regular basis will keep your doors working smoothly.
  3. Clean dirt and rust. This will help maximize the container's lifespan and reduce the possibility of corrosion. Simple cleaning agent or bleach and a hose is enough to take care of most dirt and surface rust issues.
  4. Avoid putting weight on the roof. Although the corners of the container are extremely durable (they carry seven containers fully loaded on top), the actual middle of the container roof is substantially weaker because it is not meant to take on weight. This would also include brushing off snow in the winter and any other debris that may land on it.
  5. Only store dry goods to avoid condensation. Used containers have vents installed to ensure airflow and reduce condensation. To avoid condensation, make sure you only store 100% dry goods in the unit and if possible do not open the doors when it’s rainy or very humid. Avoid storing furniture or other sensitive goods against the walls, where condensation is most likely to form .
  6. Replace worn rubber seals on doors. Rubber seals are implemented on the doors to keep moisture out of the container. The rubber seals usually have a life span of about 10 years, so be sure to replace them if they look worn. The same goes with weather stripping and caulk if it looks worn.

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