New Old Stock – pioneering “container living”

Architecture and design firm "New Old Stock" is pioneering their new NOS units, enabling more people to experience the benefits of container living.

Team Boxhub

May 25, 2018

Container Living

There are countless examples of shipping containers being used for other purposes than just carrying cargo around the world. One of the pioneers in this industry is Jason Halter, architect and founder of New Old Stock.

"The options of what you can do with containers are virtually endless, and the result leaves you with architecturally intriguing spaces that are both sophisticated in design and function, yet compact and relocatable."

Jason explains that his company New Old Stock is a story about design meeting construction using ISO shipping containers. The ambition is to show how we can reuse, re-purpose, up-cycle & make rare this everyday object.

"Making it simple and transparent to purchase shipping containers will help expand the industry and make it possible for many more people and companies to build amazing structures out of shipping containers."

Boxhub makes container housing projects easier

Boxhub makes it possible for companies and individuals to source both used and new containers directly from container ports and have them delivered to the construction site.

Boxhub’s vision of making it easier to buy used shipping containers fit perfectly with our own vision of transforming shipping containers."

The NOS 1 and NOS 2

Jason and his cofounder Jeremy have now launched a series of housing units made of modified shipping containers. Using cutting edge design and engineering, the NOS is a resilient, sustainably manufactured and modified 20’ single-use high-cube shipping container unit. The NOS units start at ~$30,000 and up depending on which additional features the buyer requests.


The Off-Grid micro unit has energy storage, small millwork bank, shower, fridge, toilet, sink, & dry good storage. The Cave micro unit is spare, and serene. High quality lift & slide hardware operates the massive glass wall, with custom milled cedar clad walls & ceiling. Black rubber Pirelli floor tiles recall the trailer tires that move the unit as needed from location to location. 


All units are sprayed with a high quality aerospace-grade polyurethane paint over zinc rich primer, yielding a finish that is durable, weather resistant, and color fast. Like all commercial aircraft that are finished with the same surface paint treatment, the units are ready for rapid deployment.

Energy & climate

The units are well ventilated, insulated, simply designed, with cedar clad interiors, an optional indoor/outdoor shower and sufficient battery storage to last multiple days. A backup 7kw propane generator will keep the unit running in the event of energy overuse or extra requirements.

Outdoor living

The outdoor space between the 2 x 20' HC containers is the living /working center of the dwelling unit.​​​

Get your own NOS unit

If you want to reach out to Jason at New Old Stock, you can find more information on


The NOS units are manufactured by Storstac – a Toronto-based container modification and fabrication company. The containers are sourced from the global market, whereas all modification takes place locally in Toronto to ensure it meets with all local requirements. If you are looking for a great company to modify containers in Toronto, more information about Storstac can be found on

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