De-Risking Container Supply for Modular Builders

See the big picture:
Lead your industry by mastering container market dynamics. 
Anticipate customer demands:
Fuel your growth by understanding what drives container
building demand.

Rebuild your supply chain:
Build supply resilience—and reclaim the time and money
lost to outdated container procurement.
The race for shipping containers is on, with growing demand and competition causing scarcity in the modular building industry. 

Will you secure your supply—or risk falling behind?

4.4MM+ online searches

for container buildings (H1 2024)

40%+ of U.S. container traffic

impacted by global shipping delays

$147BN valuation

for the container modification industry by 2030

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Build a Stronger Supply Chain
Unlock tactics to navigate container market fluctuations and build a more resilient supply chain. Learn how to anticipate challenges and keep your operations running smoothly.
Understand What Customers Want
Discover what’s motivating consumers to buy (or DIY) container buildings. Access proprietary data that reveals why more consumers are choosing container construction over traditional builds.
See the Big Picture
Stay informed about the global and national events affecting your access to containers. From weather events to geopolitical tensions, understand how external factors influence your supply chain and how to respond proactively.

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