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Container Ramps

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Medium Duty Dual Ramp Set (6,000lb)


Heavy Duty Ramp (10,000lb)


Heavy Duty Ramp (10,000lb with Swing)


This light-duty container ramp makes transporting large and bulky items in and out of your container a breeze. It is easy to install and features extra-high, curved side rails that keep your hand truck’s wheels on the ramp. Weight Limit: 750 pounds, Color: Yellow

About Container Ramps

Our shipping container ramp selection makes loading and unloading your container a breeze. From light-duty to heavy-duty conex ramps, these ramps come in various sizes and materials, including industrial heavy gauge steel and heavy-duty durable steel.

  • Light Duty Ramps
    The light-duty container ramp have a load capacity of 750 lbs and are perfect for transporting large and bulky items in and out of your container. It is easy to install and features extra-high, curved side rails that keep your hand truck’s wheels on the ramp.
  • Steel Dual Ramps
    The steel dual ramps have a load capacity of 6,000 lbs and are ideal for loading warehouse stock, construction equipment, and other oversized items into containers. Their diamond plate texture surface offers extra traction and stability, even when wet. These ramps have an adjustable width, making them suitable for forklift use and ensuring a seamless entry into your shipping container.
  • Heavy Duty Ramps
    Our heavy-duty conex ramps provide easy access to shipping containers fitted with roll-up doors or containers without locking doors. This ramp also has forklift pockets and requires no tools to install, making it easy to take with you wherever you need it the most.

To save time opening and closing your storage containers, we recommend our swing-track conex ramps. These ramps are equipped with slots for lock rods, allowing for secure attachment to the container door. When installed at the floor level, these ramps are perfect for high-traffic environments and are suitable for commercial and industrial use.

Ramp Specifications
Light Duty Ramp
27" x 27" x 4"
750 lbs
Medium Duty Dual ramp Set
Dimensions per ramp
6' x 16"
6,000 lbs
Heavy Duty Ramp
7' x 6'
10,000 lbs
Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information:

Items will arrive within 7-10 business days. All deliveries require a signature upon delivery.


Customers should inspect the product upon delivery for damages or other issues. If you do not wish to accept the product, please reject the package at the time of delivery and the shipping provider will return the item to the warehouse. Once the item is returned, you will be issued a full refund.

The Light Duty Ramp can withstand up to 750 pounds of weight, making it suitable for lighter loads and applications. The Medium Duty Ramp Set has a weight capacity of up to 6,000 pounds, providing a sturdy solution for medium-weight loads. The Heavy Duty Ramp can support up to 10,000 pounds of weight, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications and heavier loads.

The Light Duty Ramp measures 27 inches by 27 inches by 4 inches and is made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) in a vibrant yellow color. The Medium Duty Ramp Set consists of ramps that are 16 inches wide each and are constructed from industrial heavy-gauge steel in a sleek black color. The Heavy Duty Ramp measures 7 feet by 6 feet and is made of heavy-duty durable steel, also in black.

The Light Duty Ramp is lightweight, weighing only 25 pounds, and features a rough surface for extra grip, making it easy to handle and operate. The Medium Duty Ramp Set and the Heavy Duty Ramp both have features that make them easy to operate, such as built-in FLP (Forklift Pockets) for maneuverability and tapered lips for smooth transitions.

The Swing Grate is an optional piece that allows customers to open and close container doors easily in seconds. While not necessary for using the ramps, it can enhance the convenience and efficiency of loading and unloading operations, especially for containers with swing doors.

The installation method for moving the ramps varies. The Light Duty Ramp is lightweight and can be easily moved by hand. The Medium Duty Ramp Set and the Heavy Duty Ramp feature built-in FLP (Forklift Pockets), allowing them to be moved using a forklift or other suitable equipment. This ensures flexibility and convenience in installation and relocation.

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