Shipping Container Guides & Resources

Discover the versatility of shipping containers through our guides and resources. Explore how people utilize them for storage, housing, and innovative architectural projects. Stay informed and inspired by success stories that showcase the diverse applications and creative repurposing of new and used shipping containers.
Choosing the Right Shipping Container
Confused by the different types of shipping containers for sale? You're not alone! We break down the most common shipping container dimensions, grades & more.
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Container for Construction
Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers in Modern Construction
Explore innovative uses of shipping containers in modern construction, from mobile offices to on-site portable storage.
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Container Home
Barndominium vs. Container Home: Which is the Best Modern Living Solution for You?
Learn the pros and cons of barndominiums vs. container homes. Compare costs and benefits to find the perfect modern living solution for your lifestyle.
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Shipping Container 101
How Many Pallets Fit in 20ft & 40ft Shipping Containers
Learn how many pallets fit in 20ft & 40ft shipping containers. Maximize your cargo space with precise pallet arrangements for efficient transport solutions.
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How to Buy Shipping Containers Wholesale: Guide for Businesses
Learn how to buy shipping containers wholesale for your business. Discover tips on sourcing, negotiating prices, and ensuring quality for your logistics & storage needs.
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Buying vs Renting a Shipping Container: A Comparison Guide
Explore the pros & cons of renting vs. buying a shipping container with our comprehensive guide.
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Container Storage
Shipping Containers vs. Storage Sheds: Choosing the Perfect Storage Solution
Discover the pros & cons of shipping containers vs. sheds for your home storage needs. Learn about durability, security, cost, customization, & storage capacity to make an informed decision.
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Container for Construction
How Efficient Storage Container Procurement Can Help Combat Rising Construction Payroll Costs
Discover how efficient storage container procurement can streamline logistics & help manage rising construction payroll costs, allowing you to better utilize your workforce.
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Container Uses
How to Build a Workshop or Garage with a Shipping Container
Learn how to transform a shipping container into a functional workshop or garage. Discover key steps, materials, and tools for a cost-effective, durable workspace.
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Container Uses
How to Build a Man-Cave or She-Shed with a Shipping Container
Learn how to transform a shipping container into a stylish man-cave or she-shed with this step-by-step guide. Create your perfect retreat in no time!
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Container for Education
The Benefits of Shipping Containers for Schools
Discover the benefits & creative applications of shipping containers in education industry. Eco-friendly classrooms, storage expansions, student housing and beyond.
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Container for military
2024 Buyer’s Guide to Military Shipping Containers
Explore our 2024 guide for military storage & shipping containers. Discover key insights & tips to choose the best conex for your operations.
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Shipping Container 101
What to Expect From Your Shipping Container Delivery
Buying a shipping container? Here's what to expect when your new container is delivered and placed on-site.
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Shipping Container 101
The Best Foundation for Shipping Container
A solid foundation is essential for effective short- and long-term shipping container storage. Learn about the types of shipping container foundations here.
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Shipping Container 101
How to Ventilate a Shipping Container
Whether you're using your container for storage, as a workshop, or as a home, good air circulation is vital.
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Shipping Container 101
How to Insulate Shipping Containers
Ready to insulate your container? Here are the different ways you can insulate shipping containers used for storage, offices and houses.
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