The Top 10 Airbnb Shipping Container Homes From Around the World

Nina Barango
Sep 28, 2022
10 mins

If you’re logging into Airbnb for the first time in a while, you’ll find that it now offers much more than just apartment rentals. Guests can filter their searches to find all manner of alternative vacation spots, including treehouses, converted barns, lakeside cabins, and yurts. Now, you can even filter your search by a new lodging category: “shipping container.”

Shipping containers aren’t just transportation vessels and storage spaces. People are transforming shipping containers into dream homes and living in them full-time. And as you can see from the hundreds of shipping container homes listed on Airbnb, some people are also turning those dream homes into vacation homes for visitors around the world. 

Hoping to book a vacation in a shipping container home through Airbnb? Here are ten of the most impressive Airbnb shipping container homes from around the world.

1. Moon Camp (Joshua Tree National Park, California)

Moon Camp is an off-the-grid desert retreat in Joshua Tree National Park. It’s the perfect escape for anyone who wants to go glamping.

The camp is composed of three main structures: a dome house, a shipping container home, and a shipping container lounge space.

Outside, you can lie back on a reclining chair or hammock and take in the night sky. The camp even has a telescope for stargazing.

2. Prince Road Container House (St. Augustine, Florida)

In an interview with Apartment TherapyPrince Road Container Houses owner described the home’s style as a “Late ‘50s kid’s television show.” The home’s exterior displays a psychedelic mural, and the interior is just as fun and unique.

Every room is packed with colorful walls, pop art, and vintage mid-century furniture, including a working 1950s jukebox.

3. Rare Lakefront Shipping Container (Manitoba, Canada)

The Rare Lakefront Shipping Container is a modern yellow and white cabin created by the award-winning architect David Penner.

It’s an amazing setting for a winter getaway, close to snowy trails and a lake that’s perfect for ice fishing. This cozy, container-turned-cabin is built to keep you comfortable in the cold weather, with in-floor heating and a wood stove.

4. Pink Mimosa (Limón, Costa Rica)

Pink Mimosa is a multi-tiered container home surrounded by lush jungle.

Wake up to the sounds of monkeys and toucans sitting in the surrounding trees, and then spend your day lounging on the patio and swimming in the pool.

If you’re in the mood for more adventure, you’re close to plenty of exciting attractions, like the black-sand beach Playa Negra or the Jaguar Rescue Center. 

5. The Huxham Hideaway (Poltimore, United Kingdom)

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, book a stay at the Huxham Hideaway, a shipping container home sitting in the middle of a beautiful English meadow.

The Huxham Hideaway is built for quiet and relaxation, with a comfortable king-size bed, a log-burning stove, and a patio that lets you take in the beauty of the rolling countryside.

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6. The Box House (Southern Province, Sri Lanka)

The architect maintained the industrial outer appearance of the containers but transformed the inside into chic, luxurious rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Guests can relax in the villa’s internal courtyard or take a dip in the turquoise pool by the patio.

7. Riverstone House (Western Cape, South Africa)

The Riverstone House is made up of two converted shipping containers. The design is modern with some classic touches, like brass fixtures and a Victorian clawfoot bathtub.

Take in the glorious view of the Mostertshoek Mountains and go for a swim in the farm dam out front. Once you’ve finished swimming, you can rinse off in the private outdoor shower.

8. Shipping Container 4 (Singapore, Singapore)

The Airbnb Shipping Container 4 was designed by the award-winning firm LAUD in Singapore.

The firm’s architects covered the sides of the container in mirrors to reflect the natural surroundings. From a certain angle, the container looks completely invisible!

9. Spectacular Container House (Kirinyaga County, Kenya)

The Spectacular Container House is made up of several stacked and cantilevered shipping containers overlooking the Sagana River.

The modern home’s balconies are perfect for yoga sessions in the mornings and romantic dinners in the evenings. You’ll have a great view of horses and dogs frolicking below.

10. River’s End Retreat (Western Australia, Australia)

River’s End Retreat is a shipping container chalet overlooking the Kalgan River. The container is small and cozy, making it an ideal spot for a romantic trip for two.

Unwind with a good book in the window-side reading nook or enjoy a glass of wine by the fire pit outside.

The container sits on a small working farm, so you can watch as sheep, alpacas, and horses graze the paddocks.

Making Your Own Shipping Container Airbnb

Inspired to make your own shipping container home for Airbnb? Boxhub can help you when you’re ready to purchase a shipping container for the project.

Most home builders choose new “one-trip” containers as the foundation of their tiny dwellings. As the name suggests, one-trip containers have only made one trip across the ocean with a single load of dry goods.

These containers have little to no visible damage and don’t require painting or upfront maintenance, making them much easier to convert into structurally sound and visually appealing shipping container homes for Airbnb.

To learn more about the different container sizes and grades available, consult our shipping container buying guide.

Want to build a shipping container home, but aren’t sure where to start? There are also a growing number of online courses that can guide you through the process of building a shipping container home — like this free DIY workshop by Alternative Living Spaces (ALT).

ALT is a leader in the container housing industry and in the new wave of modern modular construction. The Las Vegas-based company turns shipping containers into tiny homes, accessory dwelling units, home offices, swimming pools, home gyms, and more.

Ready to make your very own shipping container home and list it on Airbnb? Request a shipping container quote and start planning today!

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