Shipping Containers For Sale

Need a shipping container for storage?

We can help. Boxhub has new and used shipping containers for sale nationwide.

Simply pick the size and condition of container you need. Our team will take care of the rest - from sourcing and scheduling to delivery and placement.

Buying a container online can feel overwhelming

Researching what’s available, navigating container quality, and organizing delivery is daunting.

Everywhere you turn, there are hoops to jump through and scams to weed out.

You deserve a better solution.

Boxhub's expert support makes it easy.
Together, we'll help you:

Pick the right type of shipping container for your project.

Schedule delivery within 7-10 days (or later, if you need).

Ensure the container is placed on your property exactly where you want it.

Why Buy a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are a cost-effective, secure, and durable alternative to traditional construction.

You can use them for almost any use case, including:

To build your dream home

Shipping containers can be outfitted for any kind of living:

  • Tiny homes

  • Off-grid living

  • Custom-build homes

  • Accessory dwellings or in-law suites

  • Short-term rentals

Shipping container homes are durable, modular, and ready to be modified to fulfil any home design or living needs.

For additional storage on your property

Shipping containers are perfect for:

  • Seasonal item storage

  • Additional garage space for ATVs, lawnmowers, or even cars

  • Gardening tools

Boxhub's shipping containers are a cost-effective alternative to traditional storage pods, barns, and outbuildings.

Moving from one house to another

Shipping containers are great for moving from one house to another:

  • Easily pack your things in a walk-in container

  • Keep the container as additional storage on your new property

If you’re moving soon, a shipping container makes it easy.

For shipping (home or business)

Whether new or used (with CSC certification) Boxhub containers are a perfect solution for:

  • Land transport

  • Overseas transport

We can deliver to your home or you can pick it up at a depot closer to your business operations.

Types of Shipping Containers for Sale

Boxhub offers three sizes of shipping containers for sale based on standards used for international shipping.

Each size shipping container is available in two different conditions:

used (also known as ‘wind and watertight’) and new (also known as ‘one-trip’).

20' Standard

Compact and affordable. About the size of a one-car garage.


20' x 8' x 8' 6"



Excl. shipping & taxes

40' Standard

Long and spacious. About the size of a 2-car garage.


40' x 8' x 8' 6"



Excl. shipping & taxes

40' High-Cube

A foot taller than standard. Our largest container.


40' x 8' x 9' 6"



Excl. shipping & taxes

PS: We’ll always keep you up-to-date if shipping containers for sale near you drop in price.

Shipping Container Prices

If you’ve been considering a shipping container purchase for a while, you’ll know that shipping container prices fluctuate regularly based on supply and demand dynamics, global trade patterns, manufacturing costs, economic conditions, container availability. The list goes on.

Boxhub eliminates the complexity of shipping container pricing.

Pick a standardized container size and condition. Our in-house technology searches local inventory in real-time to source the most affordable shipping containers for sales near you.

Choosing the Right Shipping Container

The world of shipping containers can be a confusing and complex place. Don’t fall for scams selling rusted, hole-filled units, or someone in the next town over selling containers on online marketplaces.

Whatever you’re using a shipping container for, it needs to be secure, safe, and ready for use.

That’s where Boxhub comes in:

  • Our technology continually scans the market for the best available shipping containers near you, making the process easier for you.

  • Expert support from real humans means you can talk about the details of your project, rather than endlessly scrolling generic listings.

All this means you get the information you need to make an informed decision

Why? Because purchasing shipping containers is complex and high-ticket; we believe you should have access to expertise so you can buy it once and buy it right.

Why Work with Boxhub?

Boxhub’s goal is to make the process of buying shipping containers efficient, safe, and easy for buyers. When you work with Boxhub, you get:

Personalized buying advice

Our advice is tailored to your needs and questions.

Full inventory run-down

You’ll see everything available to you.

Detailed guidance

We’ll help you pick the container that works for your project.

Rated “Excellent”

We’ve earned a 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot, with more glowing reviews added every day.

Delivery in 7-10 days

We make sure your container is professionally delivered and placed exactly where you want it.

30-day money-back guarantee

We provide a market-leading condition guarantee and a 30-day money-back warranty.

Boxhub’s Buying Guarantees

Unlike buying a shipping container through online marketplaces, Boxhub offers industry-leading consumer protection.

30-day money-back guarantee

In the unlikely event that you’re dissatisfied with your shipping container purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Condition guarantee

This guarantee protects used shipping containers purchased through Boxhub for one year from the purchase date. New “one-trip” containers are covered by this guarantee for three years from the purchase date.

Talk to a Boxhub container specialist to find the right shipping container for you.