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Thanks to our trucking partners across the nation, we can offer delivery in 7-10 business days or rush delivery subject to availability and cost.

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Purchase with confidence knowing that all of our shipping containers — even used containers — are backed by one-, three-, or five-year warranties depending on the grade.

Boxhub Shipping Containers in Dallas

Immerse in the Lone Star State's grandeur with our shipping containers for sale in Dallas. Perfect for urban ranch homes, boutique outlets, or storage, 20ft and 40ft containers in Dallas echo with Texan pride. Purchase shipping containers in Dallas and be a part of its dynamic horizon.

Our containers are perfect for storage, pop-up shops, food service, indoor gardens and more! Get new or used, 20 foot or 40 foot shipping containers delivered to your Dallas location in 7-10 days.

Our Shipping Containers for Sale in Dallas, TX

New Shipping Containers in Dallas

Whether you’re shipping dry goods across the U.S. or creating a custom home or office, a new “one trip” shipping container offers the security, durability, and longevity you need.

Used Shipping Containers in Dallas

We source used shipping containers for sale in Dallas that are fully functional and wind-and-watertight - even with a few dings and rust on the outside - for more secure and cost-effective shipping, storage, and moving solutions.

20ft Shipping Containers in Dallas

20-foot shipping containers are an efficient way to store important construction or farming equipment, ship goods nationwide, or renovate them into eclectic living spaces.

Standard containers sit at 8’6”. High-cube containers sit at 9’6”. Each unit offers 160 ft² of storage space.

40ft Shipping Containers in Dallas

If you’re looking for additional storage capacity for your high-volume foods, we source 40-foot shipping containers that offer durable exteriors and spacious interiors.

Standard containers sit at 8’6”. High-cube containers sit at 9’6”. Each unit offers 320 ft² of storage space.

Shipping Container Window Kits in Dallas

Our shipping container window-kits are a safe and economical solution for customers looking to transform their units into livable space. All kits are compatible with 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

Shipping Container Door Kits in Dallas

Choose from two durable and secure shipping container door kits - steel roll-up doors or our weld ‘n’ go man doors - and increase access to your tiny home, office, gym, or workshop in Dallas, TX.

Shipping Container Shelving Kits in Dallas

Our shipping container shelves don’t require welding or bolting to the ground for an easy-to-install solution. Each bracket hangs from D-rings and takes approx. 10 minutes to install. Not included: wooden shelves.

Shipping Container Lock Box and Security Kits in Dallas

Looking for additional security for your shipping container? Our shipping container locks and security kits can cover any type of padlock - ensuring your belongs are protected from intruders or extreme weather conditions.

Buying Shipping Containers in Dallas: How it Works

Find a Container

Choose the right type of shipping container for your lifestyle and budget. Choose from 20 or 40 ft. and your preferred condition.

Schedule Delivery

Enter the delivery date that fits your schedule, and our team will schedule your shipping container delivery to meet your request.

Receive Container Delivery

Receive your new or used shipping container from Boxhub and have it set exactly where you want it.

The price for a metal container was great, the purchase process was easy and the delivery was on time. The driver placed the container where we asked... All in all, a great company to work with.

~ Stephen, USA

What can you use a shipping container for in Dallas?

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile storage and living solutions on the market today. In Dallas, they can be adapted tin a variety of ways, including:


We source durable, high-quality storage shipping containers in Houston that can store a wide range of personal items, from seasonal vehicles to excess furniture, mattresses, and more.

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Across Dallas, shipping containers are transforming how residents live and work. Made to withstand changing weather and capable of customizing with insulation and plumbing, these units can be renovated into comfortable tiny homes or home offices.

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Shipping containers in Dallas, Texas, typically cost less than renting a storage unit, making moving with shipping containers a great solution for families looking to move into their new home. Our team will source the right container for your needs and budget.

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Buying a container for shipping is one of the most efficient ways to safely transport cargo domestically or internationally. Each container is watertight, durable, and easy to load for an efficient process from start to finish.

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Which container is right for you?

20ft Used Container

20ft New Container

External Dimensions

20´ L x 8´ W x 8´6 H

20´ L x 8´ W x 9´6 H (High Cube)

Internal Dimensions

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H (High Cube)



5,183 lbs


62,016 lbs


1,172 ft³

~ 2 compact cars

Recommended Use Cases


Shipping (Upgradeable)




Built-in Lockbox and Forklift Pockets



Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Dallas, TX

For those in Dallas, TX, aspiring to convert shipping containers into homes, understanding city regulations is paramount. The main living space must cover at least 132 square feet. All subsequent spaces need to be at least 76 square feet. Adhere to the city's requirement of a 7.3 feet minimum ceiling height. Plan for crucial installations like HVAC systems, top-tier insulation, and structured electrical layouts. Embark on your Dallas container home project with these rules and Boxhub's unwavering support.

Be sure to check with the City of Dallas building and permit codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers in Dallas

Shipping containers offer more versatility than we often realize. Whether you're buying a new or used container, they offer storage solutions for your personal belongings or professional items, keeping them in pristine condition no matter where in Texas your unit is located.


Shipping containers offer more versatility than we often realize. Whether you're buying a new or used container, they offer storage solutions for your personal belongings or professional items, keeping them in pristine condition no matter where your unit is located.


Across Dallas, shipping containers are becoming a popular housing alternative. Their durability allows developers and homeowners to renovate any container to include plumbing, insulation, and a variety of essential home amenities.


Whether you're shipping internationally or domestically, a 20 or 40-foot container is an effective and secure way to ship your goods with the comfort of knowing they'll arrive in their original condition


Renting a storage unit can often be a costly expense. Using a shipping container to move your belongings is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Pop-Up Shops

Reimagine retail with shipping containers in Dallas! Ideal for entrepreneurs and brands, shipping containers provide a unique and mobile platform for pop-up shops. Their modularity and easy customization make them perfect for showcasing products in high-footfall areas, festivals, or events.

Restaurants/Food Service

Dallas's food scene is ever-evolving, and shipping containers are playing a part. These containers can be transformed into trendy cafes, bistros, or food stalls, offering a distinctive dining experience. Whether it's a permanent fixture or a pop-up food fest, a shipping container eatery is sure to draw in the crowds with its industrial-chic appeal. We recommend checking out Trinity Groves Container Cafe!

Questions? Reach out to us at 888-356-2954 at any time.

In Dallas, shipping containers are revolutionizing the perceptions of developers and builders regarding urban accommodation. With the capacity to design container homes ranging from the simple to the luxurious, residents of Dallas have the opportunity to embrace this cost-effective housing option.

Absolutely! The trend of converting shipping containers into Airbnbs is is on the rise, especially in cities like Dallas and throughout Texas.

Texas permits the repurposing of shipping containers available for sale in Dallas into comfortable Airbnb accommodations. However, there are certain local rules that renovators need to adhere to. It's vital to ensure your container complies with Dallas building codes and is constructed to handle the diverse Texas weather conditions, which means considering aspects like insulation and condensation control.

At Boxhub, our clients are our top priority.

We aren't just a hub for new and pre-owned shipping containers in Dallas; we're your collaborators in discovering innovative solutions for storage, transport, and alternative living. With a straightforward three-phase approach, we aim to align with your requirements and financial plan. Our seasoned staff stands by to address any inquiries or guide you in securing top-tier storage containers on the market.

We extend our bespoke services across the country. This ensures that whether you're seeking the perfect shipping container in Dallas or elsewhere, we've got you covered with the right fit and state. Our dedication lies in streamlining our services, ensuring an effortless experience for clients, irrespective of the container's origin.

In order to find the right shipping container in Dallas for your needs, it's important to understand the three types of containers you'll come across.

Wind and Watertight

Having spent anywhere from 12 to 18 years at sea, this container includes fully functioning doors and floors — ideal for static storage uses.

Cargo Worthy

These containers are still certified to ship cargo across the ocean. CSC shipping certification is an at-cost service that Boxhub can provide upon request.


This type of storage container has only made a single trip to transport dry goods across the U.S. and does not require any upfront painting or maintenance.

20 Foot Containers

New or used 20-foot containers are available for purchase in Dallas.

40 Foot Containers:

Bigger, 40ft containers are also available through Boxhub. There are also options for 40-foot High Cube containers available.

If you're looking to buy a shipping container in Dallas, new or used, Boxhub can help. With our simple three-step process, we help customers across the U.S. achieve their storage, moving, and renovation goals.

Our simple three-step process helps customers understand how to secure a shipping container for their needs.

Step 1

Choose your standardized container and condition. We'll source the perfect option from a local port.

Step 2

Choose a delivery time that works for you and our team will arrange your door-to-door delivery.

Step 3

Your new or used shipping container arrives and is placed in your preferred location.

Shipping containers in Dallas and throughout Texas are revolutionizing a multitude of sectors, encompassing:

Food & Beverage: Dallas, with its vibrant culinary scene, is at the forefront of innovative dining experiences. Many restaurateurs in the city are harnessing the potential of shipping containers, turning them into distinctive dining spaces that resonate with the city's lively spirit.

Housing: The Dallas real estate landscape is evolving, with shipping containers introducing a fresh, sustainable approach to living. Both affordable and upscale shipping container residences are sprouting up, presenting an alternative housing option that's rapidly gaining traction.

Health & Wellness: In Dallas's thriving wellness scene, shipping containers are proving invaluable. From serene yoga studios to wellness retreats, these containers are being transformed, providing businesses a unique yet cost-effective platform to foster health, harmony, and community.

**Storage: **Shipping containers are perfect for a low-cost storage solution for individuals or businesses. Some of our customers include athletic departments for high schools and colleges, as well as farming and agriculture professionals throughout Texas for general storage.

The cost to buy a shipping container in Dallas will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the unit, its condition, and the type of container selected (i.e. wind and watertight or cargo-worthy, 40ft or 20ft, new or used).

At Boxhub, we help customers across the U.S. find the right storage container for their needs at prices they can trust. We offer a comprehensive cost breakdown so you know you're never paying more than you should.

Enter your zip code into our tool and you'll get a live quote.

Dallas, Texas, has always had a penchant for innovative architecture, and shipping container homes and establishments are no exception:

  1. Bishop Arts Container Home in the heart of Dallas is a testament to modern, sustainable living. Spanning two levels, this home impressively merges four shipping containers, offering residents a blend of style and function with its spacious interiors and an outdoor space perfect for Texas BBQs.
  2. Trinity Groves Container Cafe is a Dallas gem, drawing in both locals and tourists. Its rustic exterior made from repurposed shipping containers hides a chic interior that serves some of the finest coffees and pastries in the city.
  3. The Cedar Crest Container Residence, located just a few miles from downtown Dallas, is a sprawling property combining multiple containers. It showcases sleek, industrial design with large glass windows, providing uninterrupted views of the Texan landscape.
  4. Deep Ellum's Container Park is an experience in itself. It's a mixed-use space with retail stores, eateries, and art installations—all set in creatively redesigned shipping containers. The ambiance is uniquely Texan with a modern twist, making it a must-visit.

These examples underline how Dallas has wholeheartedly embraced the container revolution, seamlessly blending the traditional with the contemporary.

Boxhub is a proud supplier of new and used shipping containers in Dallas and across Texas and the United States.

Whether you're looking to store, ship, or even renovate, we source 20 and 40-foot containers made of durable, weathering COR-TEN Steel. Just enter your zip code, and select your preferred option based on the current shipping containers for sale, and our truck operators will ensure your shipping container arrives in its original condition.

Contact us today to learn more about storage containers for sale in Dallas and nationwide.