Shelving & Storage Kits for Shipping Containers

Maximize storage and organization in your shipping containers with our no-weld shelving and storage kits, compatible with standard and high-cube shipping containers purchased through Boxhub.

About Shelving & Storage Kits

Need to add or improve storage capacity and organization in your shipping container? Boxhub's no-weld shelf brackets and storage kits are an easy, affordable solution whether you're converting your container into a tiny home, office, or workshop—or simply using it for storage.

Why Buy a Shelving & Storage Kit?

Easy to Install

Boxhub's shelf brackets don't require welding or bolting to the ground. They hang from D-rings and take about 10 minutes to install.


Purchasing a Boxhub shelving or storage kit lets you maximize storage and keep your belongings organized quickly and affordably.


Boxhub's shelf brackets are custom-made for shipping containers and built to last.

Types of Shelf Brackets Available

Boxhub's no-weld shelf brackets are 6in x 6-8in and are hung by D-rings. Wooden shelves are not included.

No-Weld Shelf Brackets


Shelving & Storage Kit FAQ

Boxhub's shelving and storage kits all you to maximize the storage capacity of your shipping container.

Our shelf brackets don't require welding or bolting to the ground and can be installed in about 10 minutes.

Yes, our brackets don't need to be welded or bolted to the ground.

Our shelf brackets measure 6in x 6-8in and are compatible with all standard and high-cube shipping containers.

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