Lock Boxes & Security Kits for Shipping Containers

Make your shipping container more secure with our weld ‘n' go lock boxes and security kits, compatible with all shipping container padlocks.

About Lock Boxes & Security Kits

No matter what you're using your shipping container for, security should always be a top priority. Boxhub offers several affordable, easy-to-install lock boxes that can cover any shipping container padlock, ensuring your belongings stay safe and secure.

Why Buy a Container Lock Box?


Made of 1/4-inch-thick steel, our lock boxes offer extra protection and theft deterrence.


Purchasing a Boxhub lock box lets you add additional security to your shipping container quickly and affordably.


You can install our lock boxes around any container padlock.

Easy to Install

Boxhub's lock boxes can be installed in about 10 minutes.

Types of Lock Boxes Available

Boxhub's weld ‘n' go lock boxes are compatible with any container padlock. Each measures 4in x 6in x 8in. You can also choose to upgrade your lock box to a bolt-on style for an additional charge.

Weld ‘n' Go Lock Box


Lock Box FAQ

Boxhub's lock boxes add additional security and theft protection to your shipping container. They're designed to guard any shipping container padlock.

Our weld ‘n' go lock boxes can be installed in around 10 minutes. Installation time may vary depending on whether the lock box is being installed by a professional contractor or the shipping container owner themselves.

Unless you have appropriate experience and tools, we recommend contacting a local contractor or welder familiar with modifying shipping containers to install lock boxes onto your unit.

Our weld ‘n' go lock boxes are designed to guard any shipping container padlock.

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