Small and Mighty: The 20FT Shipping Container

Strong. Reliable. Built to last. Explore why Boxhub's 20ft shipping containers are the ideal storage solution for compact spaces.

About 20FT Shipping Containers

20ft containers are designed to carry small volumes of heavy cargo, such as machinery, cement and steel. These qualities make them ideal for the storage of large items — like farming and construction equipment — or re-use as the frame of a modular home.

5,181 lbs


62,016 lbs


1,172 ft³


20FT Container Heights

Boxhub's 20ft shipping containers are available in two standardized heights. Simply select the height that best fits your needs.

20FT Standard Containers

20' L x 8' W x 8'6 H

A standard 20ft shipping container is 8'6 high.

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20FT High Cube Containers

20' L x 8' W x 9'6 H

A 20ft high-cube shipping container is 9'6 high.

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20FT Container Conditions

Boxhub's 20ft shipping containers are available in three different conditions: wind & watertight (well used), cargo-worthy (gently used), and one-trip (as new).

Wind & Watertight

Used units that have spent an average of 12-18 years at sea (sometimes longer).

They no longer meet the structural requirements for international shipping. These units have fully functioning doors and intact floors. They are still very suitable for static storage purposes.


Used units that have spent an average of 12-18 years at sea (sometimes longer).

They can still be certified to ship cargo across the ocean due to their structural integrity. Certification is an at-cost service that can be coordinated by Boxhub upon purchase.

One-Trip (New)

Containers that have only shipped one single load of dry cargo to the U.S.

20ft one-trip containers are built to last decades, with no upfront maintenance/painting required. They are ideal for tiny home/office projects or placement in highly visible areas.

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