Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale in Tampa, FL

Looking to protect your belongings from Florida’s humid, subtropical climate? We can help. Boxhub sells a variety of shipping containers to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for one-trip or wind and watertight solutions.

Why Boxhub?

Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.

We make it easy

Finding a container is effortless with our vast network of depots across the U.S. That means you can forget about calling strangers or answering message board ads. Pick and purchase a container through our website's self-serve checkout.

Save time & money

We cut out unnecessary middlemen by maintaining a network of depots and trucking partners. Once you purchase your container, we'll arrange a seamless pick-up and drop-off experience.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our trucking partners across the nation, we can offer delivery in 7-10 business days or rush delivery subject to availability and cost.

Guaranteed quality

Purchase with confidence knowing that all of our shipping containers — even used containers — are backed by one-, three-, or five-year warranties depending on the grade.

Boxhub Shipping Containers in Tampa

Boxhub is a leading provider of shipping and storage solutions. We’re dedicated to helping customers find new or used shipping containers for sale in Tampa and across the United States.

Shipping containers were originally designed to transport and protect goods at sea for many years. Today, we source spacious 20 and 40-foot shipping containers in various conditions to help you streamline your moving, shipping, and storage efforts — while protecting your items from the hurricanes and tropical storms common in Tampa and throughout Florida.

Tampa shipping containers can be delivered in just 7-10 days, with rush delivery and advanced scheduling available. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution, our team is here to help you find the right storage container for your property and project.

Our Shipping Containers for Sale in Tampa, FL

New Shipping Containers in Tampa

Whether you’re shipping dry goods across the U.S. or creating a custom home or office, a new “one trip” shipping container offers the security, durability, and longevity you need.

Used Shipping Containers in Tampa

We source used shipping containers for sale in Tampa that are fully functional and wind-and-watertight - even with a few dings and rust on the outside - for more secure and cost-effective shipping, storage, and moving solutions.

20ft Shipping Containers in Tampa

20-foot shipping containers are an efficient way to store important construction or farming equipment, ship goods nationwide, or renovate them into eclectic living spaces.

Standard containers sit at 8’6”. High-cube containers sit at 9’6”. Each unit offers 160 ft² of storage space.

40ft Shipping Containers in Tampa

If you’re looking for additional storage capacity for your high-volume foods, we source 40-foot shipping containers that offer durable exteriors and spacious interiors.

Standard containers sit at 8’6”. High-cube containers sit at 9’6”. Each unit offers 320 ft² of storage space.

Shipping Container Window Kits in Tampa

Our shipping container window-kits are a safe and economical solution for customers looking to transform their units into livable space. All kits are compatible with 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

Shipping Container Door Kits in Tampa

Choose from two durable and secure shipping container door kits - steel roll-up doors or our weld ‘n’ go man doors - and increase access to your tiny home, office, gym, or workshop in Tampa, FL.

Shipping Container Shelving Kits in Tampa

Our shipping container shelves don’t require welding or bolting to the ground for an easy-to-install solution. Each bracket hangs from D-rings and takes approx. 10 minutes to install. Not included: wooden shelves.

Shipping Container Lock Box and Security Kits in Tampa

Looking for additional security for your shipping container? Our shipping container locks and security kits can cover any type of padlock - ensuring your belongs are protected from intruders or extreme weather conditions.

Buying Shipping Containers in Tampa: How it Works

Find a Container

Choose the right type of shipping container for your lifestyle and budget. Choose from 20 or 40 ft. and your preferred condition.

Schedule Delivery

Enter the delivery date that fits your schedule, and our team will schedule your shipping container delivery to meet your request.

Receive Container Delivery

Receive your new or used shipping container from Boxhub and have it set exactly where you want it.

The price for a metal container was great, the purchase process was easy and the delivery was on time. The driver placed the container where we asked... All in all, a great company to work with.

~ Stephen, USA

What can you use a shipping container for in Tampa?

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile storage and living solutions on the market today. In Tampa, they can be adapted tin a variety of ways, including:


We source durable, high-quality storage shipping containers in Houston that can store a wide range of personal items, from seasonal vehicles to excess furniture, mattresses, and more.

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Across Tampa, shipping containers are transforming how residents live and work. Made to withstand changing weather and capable of customizing with insulation and plumbing, these units can be renovated into comfortable tiny homes or home offices.

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Shipping containers in Tampa, Florida, typically cost less than renting a storage unit, making moving with shipping containers a great solution for families looking to move into their new home. Our team will source the right container for your needs and budget.

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Buying a container for shipping is one of the most efficient ways to safely transport cargo domestically or internationally. Each container is watertight, durable, and easy to load for an efficient process from start to finish.

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Which container is right for you?

20ft Used Container

20ft New Container

External Dimensions

20´ L x 8´ W x 8´6 H

20´ L x 8´ W x 9´6 H (High Cube)

Internal Dimensions

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H (High Cube)



5,183 lbs


62,016 lbs


1,172 ft³

~ 2 compact cars

Recommended Use Cases


Shipping (Upgradeable)




Built-in Lockbox and Forklift Pockets



Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Tampa, FL

The idea of transforming shipping containers in Tampa into liveable spaces has gained significant momentum in recent years. Developers can choose to renovate single units or combine multiple storage containers into multi-level homes.

In Tampa, renovating shipping containers is similar to building traditional residences. Developers must follow Florida’s zoning regulations and file the appropriate permits to begin their renovations. They must also include the blueprints of the container, plumbing and electrical plans, and all safety observances.

Find the right shipping container with Boxhub

Get personalized buying support from a shipping container specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers in Tampa

Tampa is embracing shipping container businesses in a significant way.

  1. In the Wesley Chapel suburb of the city, one of the largest shipping container parks offers visitors a wide array of locally-owned shops and restaurants. The park includes 94 shipping containers that have been transformed into a one-of-a-kind consumer experience — highlighting 46 Florida businesses.

2. Sparkman Warf, in Downtown Tampa, is a mix-used property highlighting several restaurants, retailers, and includes a movie theater. This commercial shipping container plaza has become a resident and tourist destination for working, shopping, dining, and outdoor recreation.

Purchasing a shipping container for your shipping or storage needs is no small task, and it’s important to have the correct information before making this significant purchase. If you’re looking to buy a shipping container in Tampa, FL, new or used, we can help.

Simply fill out our online form or contact our team by phone to get started. Our container specialists will source local listings using our advanced in-house technology to determine which container size and condition are right for your needs.

We’ll ensure your Tampa shipping container is delivered by an experienced trucking partner & placed in your preferred location.

In order to find the right shipping container in Tampa, FL, for your needs, it’s important to first understand the two types of containers at your disposal.

New: A new storage container has only made a one-way trip to transport dry goods domestically and does not require upfront painting to the shipping container.

Used: These units have spent anywhere from 15 to 20 years at sea and are guaranteed to be wind and watertight. Each used shipping container for sale in Tampa, FL, includes fully functioning doors and floors — ideal as a static storage solution.

New units are still considered cargo-worthy and are certified to ship goods across the ocean. Used containers can receive CSC certification in order to ship goods — an at-cost service that we can provide upon request.

At Boxhub, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind ordering experience.

We understand how challenging and time-consuming it can be to find quality shipping containers for sale in Tampa or anywhere in the U.S. That’s why we use in-house technology to source units in real-time at the right price.

Our shipping container specialists work closely with individuals and businesses to help them redefine the way they live and work with products and features they can trust. We offer expert buying support and a customer success team available to help you with modification and maintenance questions after you’ve made your purchase.

Each order is delivered in as little as 7-10 days, with advanced scheduling and rush delivery options for your convenience and peace of mind.

With a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot and Google, and an industry-leading 30-day money-back warranty & condition guarantee, Boxhub is your trusted source for fully functional new and used shipping containers in Tampa and nationwide.

Yes! Tampa welcomes millions of visitors each year, and the tourism industry has embraced shipping container Airbnbs as an eclectic and innovative way to welcome more visitors and give them a one-of-a-kind experience.

Floridians looking to build an Airbnb container home in Tampa must follow the state’s building code, which outlines the zoning regulations builders must follow to complete their shipping container home project.

Absolutely! Tampa, Florida, has seen the value in compact, alternative living and is using shipping containers to transform units into affordable, spacious homes.

The process of building shipping container homes in Tampa is similar to traditional residential structures. Developers and contractors must follow local building codes and zoning regulations, ensuring they have the appropriate permits and building specs to present for approval.

Shipping containers in Tampa are a versatile solution for individuals and businesses looking to redefine how they live and work. Their capabilities include but aren’t limited to:


When you need extra storage for your property, whether it’s for seasonal furniture, your vehicle, or to keep inventory secure, we source durable and safe shipping containers for storage in Tampa that meet you where you are today.


Build the house of your dream, big or small, with shipping containers for housing that can be modified to fit any home design or living needs.


Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, you need an upcycled shipping container that can safely store and transport your cargo and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters.


We help individuals and businesses take advantage of shipping containers for moving their important belongings from one property to another. Once the move is complete, your container can double as additional storage — an economical, long-term moving and storage solution.

At Boxhub, we believe our customers deserve quality shipping containers at competitive prices. Using our in-house technology, our team will source the storage container that meets your needs from local inventory in real-time — finding the perfect unit in your area.

Boxhub is proud to be a trusted supplier of new and used shipping containers in Tampa, Florida, and across the United States.

We work closely with customers nationwide to help them streamline their moving, shipping, and storage efforts. Whether you’re looking to build a sustainable, compact office space or for a secure place to store your seasonal vehicle, Tampa shipping containers are a safe and versatile solution.

Your unit is delivered in 5-7 days and comes with our 30-day money-back warranty and condition guarantee.

Contact our team today to learn more about new and used containers for sale in Tampa, FL, and nationwide.