Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale in New Orleans, LA

In New Orleans, our shipping containers offer a reliable storage solution for your possessions regardless of the unpredictable weather conditions. Delivered to your doorstep in 5 business days.


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New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale in New Orleans, LA
Celebrate the spirit of the bayou with our shipping containers for sale in New Orleans. Perfect for jazz lounges, art studios, or storage units, 20ft and 40ft containers in New Orleans resonate with the city's rhythm. Buy shipping containers in New Orleans and dance to its eclectic beat.

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Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.
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Thousands of happy customers have chosen Boxhub as their container supplier of choice.

Seamless Process
From quote to information on all their different containers to delivery Boxhub made it easy and seamless every step of the way
Jessica Edwards
Feb 24, 2024
Best Prices And Quick Easy Delivery
Best prices and quick easy delivery. Clean and ready to go. Will contact in future if another box is needed!
Jack M. Owings, IV
Feb 16, 2024
Great Customer Service
Great customer service. Containers shipped on time. Exactly what I was expecting.
Bryan DiSpirito
Jan 30, 2024
Great Experience with Great Results
I had a great experience with the ordering process, and the delivery of my first box was on point. My first box was delivered on time...Great job Boxhub!
Deputy Chief Carrington
Jan 15, 2024
Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in New Orleans, LA
Shipping container rules and regulations in New Orleans, LA, are governed by various authorities and guidelines.
Here are some key points to consider:

Permits: A permit is required to locate a storage container in public view in front of your property in the City of New Orleans. You can find more information about permits and licenses on the City of New Orleans' official website.

Temporary Storage Containers: Temporary storage containers are permitted in any zoning district when used for loading or unloading.
Construction and Development: If you plan to use shipping containers for construction or development purposes, you may need to obtain permits from the City of New Orleans.

Container Homes: Shipping container homes are legal in Louisiana as long as they meet the state's construction and zoning requirements.
Port Regulations: The Port of New Orleans has its own set of regulations and requirements for shipping containers. For specific regulations related to your project, it is recommended to consult with the appropriate local authorities, such as the City of New Orleans' Building Inspections Department or the Port of New Orleans.
Remember to consult with the appropriate local authorities for specific regulations and requirements related to your project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking to buy a shipping container in New Orleans, it's important to understand everything that they can be used for, including:


We source shipping containers in New Orleans as a cost-effective storage solution compared to traditional storage pods and outbuildings. Each storage container features durable COR-TEN steel exteriors and standardized capacity, ensuring your belongings are safe from the elements.


The popularity of storage container houses continues to grow. Whether you're looking to downsize and experience tiny home living or you're seeking cost-effective office space, transforming a new shipping container into a custom residential or commercial space is an effective and efficient solution.


If you're looking to transport goods domestically or internationally, Boxhub will source a cargo-worthy shipping container in the size of your choice. Each unit is watertight, easy to load, and durable — no matter the length of the shipment.


A shipping container can do more than transport your belongings to your next home — it can also double as storage after the move is complete. Whether you're moving across Louisiana or across the country, our specialists will help you find the right moving shipping container for your needs.

Pop-Up Shops

Reimagine retail with shipping containers in New Orleans! Ideal for entrepreneurs and brands, shipping containers provide a unique and mobile platform for pop-up shops. Their modularity and easy customization make them perfect for showcasing products in high-footfall areas, festivals, or events.

Restaurants/Food Service

The food scene is ever-evolving, and shipping containers are playing a part. These containers can be transformed into trendy cafes, bistros, or food stalls, offering a distinctive dining experience. Whether it's a permanent fixture or a pop-up

We offer a variety of shipping containers in New Orleans, including 20ft and 40ft conex boxes, one-trip, cargo-worthy, and wind & watertight units, and standard and high-cube containers.

Not sure which container is right for your needs? Take this quiz to find out!

If you’re looking to buy a new or used shipping container in New Orleans, , Boxhub can help you get it right the first time — so you never have to worry about ordering the wrong container for your home or place of work.

Customers can contact our experienced sales team by phone or request a free quote online. Our team will then help you through the next steps — answering questions and addressing any concerns throughout your container-buying experience.

Once your payment is processed, we’ll ensure your shipping container is delivered by our experienced trucking partners & placed in your preferred location.

Request a free quote or shop now.

The cost of shipping containers in New Orleans is influenced by various factors including their size and condition, supply and demand. Typically, a used 20ft container can cost anywhere from $1595 to over $2500. 40ft used containers can cost anywhere from $1795 to over $5000 in certain markets. Connect with our container experts to find a unit that aligns with your budget and requirements.

Yes, you can buy a shipping container and convert it into your dream home or a unique Airbnb rental in New Orleans, AL. While this can be a fun and fulfilling project, it requires careful planning and consideration. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to build a shipping container home.

When you buy 5 or more containers from Boxhub, you can enjoy a volume discount of 5% off. We also provide a veterans discount for container purchases of any size. From time to time, we offer market-specific discounts for a limited period.

To find out if we have any special deals in your area, please give us a call at 1-888-356-2954.

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