Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale in Austin, TX
Our shipping containers are designed to withstand the Lone Star State's heat and occasional storms, ensuring your valuables stay secure. Browse our online selection of 20ft and 40ft containers in Austin.


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New & Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Austin, TX

Infuse a touch of the music capital's soul with our shipping containers for sale in Austin. Boxhub is the leading supplier of shipping and storage solutions in Texas and across the United States.

We offer a range of new (one-trip) and used (wind and watertight) conex boxes in standard and high cube 20ft and 40ft sizes. Since these containers were originally designed to transport cargo across the sea, they have the qualities that make them ideal for storing your personal property, seasonal vehicles, farming tools and construction equipment.  

Our containers are also perfect for building container homes, trendy bars, and pools. Whether you're looking to buy a shipping container for residential purposes or you’re looking to buy wholesale for commercial purposes, Boxhub is here to help you! 

Our team of container specialists will help source and deliver your containers within 5 business days with rush delivery available. Get started today and explore our container solutions. 

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Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.
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Thousands of happy customers have chosen Boxhub as their container supplier of choice.

Seamless Process
From quote to information on all their different containers to delivery Boxhub made it easy and seamless every step of the way
Jessica Edwards
Feb 24, 2024
Best Prices And Quick Easy Delivery
Best prices and quick easy delivery. Clean and ready to go. Will contact in future if another box is needed!
Jack M. Owings, IV
Feb 16, 2024
Great Customer Service
Great customer service. Containers shipped on time. Exactly what I was expecting.
Bryan DiSpirito
Jan 30, 2024
Great Experience with Great Results
I had a great experience with the ordering process, and the delivery of my first box was on point. My first box was delivered on time...Great job Boxhub!
Deputy Chief Carrington
Jan 15, 2024
Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Austin, TX
Transforming shipping containers into livable homes in Austin, TX, demands a meticulous approach in line with city guidelines. The Ohio Building Code (OBC) provides guidelines for using shipping containers as building components. Compliance can be achieved in one of the following ways:

1. Documentation showing compliance with appropriate material standards.
2. Alternative engineered design submittals and technical data per OBC Section 106.5.
3. Designed with strict adherence to the “Conditions of Use” of evaluation reports per OBC Section 114.3.2
4. Land restrictions and permits can also cause issues with shipping container placement if you do not have all your ducks in a row. It is essential to understand what restrictions are on your land and consult with your local zoning office or a professional to ensure compliance with the regulations.

If you're looking to buy a shipping container to transform into an alternative living space, consider these rules and regulations and let Boxhub help you with the rest.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping containers offer more versatility than we often realize. Whether you're buying a new or used container, they offer storage solutions for your personal belongings or professional items, keeping them in pristine condition no matter where your unit is located.


Shipping containers offer more versatility than we often realize. Whether you're buying a new or used container, they offer storage solutions for your personal belongings or professional items, keeping them in pristine condition no matter where your unit is located.


Across Austin, shipping containers are becoming a popular housing alternative. Their durability allows developers and homeowners to renovate any container to include plumbing, insulation, and a variety of essential home amenities.


Whether you're shipping internationally or domestically, a 20 or 40-foot container is an effective and secure way to ship your goods with the comfort of knowing they'll arrive in their original condition


Renting a storage unit can often be a costly expense. Using a shipping container to move your belongings is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Questions? Reach out to us at +1 888-356-2954 at any time.

In Austin, shipping containers are changing the way developers and construction companies think about city housing. With a unique variety of container homes able to be created, from modest to mansions, individuals and families in Austin can take advantage of this budget-friendly living alternative.

Absolutely! Transforming shipping containers into Airbnbs is becoming increasingly popular in cities like Austin and across the country.

The state of Texas allows any storage containers for sale in Austin to be renovated into livable Airbnb homes — although there are local regulations developers must follow in the process. It's important your container falls within Austin's building codes and is designed to safely withstand Lone Star State's heat and occasional storms, which includes factors such as insulation and condensation prevention.

At Boxhub, customer service is at the heart of what we do.

We're more than just a source for new or used shipping containers in Austin — we're your partners in finding unique and accessible storage, shipping, and living solutions. We offer a simple three-step process designed to match your needs and your budget - plus our experienced team is always ready to answer your questions or take you through the process of finding quality storage containers for sale.

Our tailored services are available nationwide. That means we can help you find your ideal shipping container in Austin in the right size and condition. We're committed to making our process easy and efficient for our customers, no matter where we're sourcing our units.

In order to find the right shipping container in Austin for your needs, it's important to understand the two types of containers you'll come across.

New (One-Trip)

This type of storage container has only made a single trip to transport dry goods across the U.S. and does not require any upfront painting or maintenance.

Used (Wind and Watertight)

Having spent anywhere from 12 to 18 years at sea, this container includes fully functioning doors and floors — ideal for static storage uses.

If you're looking to buy a shipping container in Austin, new or used, Boxhub can help. With our simple three-step process, we help customers across the U.S. achieve their storage, moving, and renovation goals.

Our simple three-step process helps customers understand how to secure a shipping container for their needs.

Step 1

Choose your standardized container and condition. We'll source the perfect option from a local port.

Step 2

Choose a delivery time that works for you and our team will arrange your door-to-door delivery.

Step 3

Your new or used shipping container arrives and is placed in your preferred location.

Shipping containers in Austin and across Texas are being utilized across a wide range of industries, including:

Food & Beverage

Austin is no stranger to innovation, and in recent years, restaurants have begun to look at shipping containers as a viable way to transform their business and create a unique gathering space for their patrons.


Shipping containers are changing the way residents in Austin think about buying a home. With new budget-friendly and luxury units in development, storage containers are diversifying the market at a rapid rate.

Health & Wellness

In the health and wellness space, industry leaders are looking for cost-effective solutions to operate their businesses. Storage containers offer businesses, including yoga and meditation studios, a unique and budget-friendly way to welcome clients and create community.

The cost to buy a shipping container in Austin will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the unit, its condition, and the type of container selected (i.e. wind and watertight or cargo-worthy).

At Boxhub, we help customers across the U.S. find the right storage container for their needs at prices they can trust. We offer a comprehensive cost breakdown so you know you're never paying more than you should.

Texas is known for its unique homes, including three notable must-sees:

Residents and visitors can frequent The Container Bar in Austin, a multi-coloured structure with unique interiors, local beverages, an outdoor patio and more.

If you're driving through Lake Travis, you'll likely pass by a lakeside property made entirely out of shipping containers. Made of three separate containers that have been joined together, it features spacious, open-concept living, multi-level patios, and panoramic views.

The McGowen container house is a three-story home spread over an impressive 2,500 square feet. This shipping container home boasts a modern kitchen, spacious living room, and rooftop deck with unforgettable city views.

Boxhub is a proud supplier of new and used shipping containers in Texas and across the United States.

Whether you're looking to store, ship, or even renovate, we source 20 and 40-foot containers made of durable, weathering COR-TEN Steel. Just enter your zip code, and select your preferred option based on the current shipping containers for sale, and our truck operators will ensure your shipping container arrives in its original condition.

Contact us today to learn more about storage containers for sale in Austin and nationwide.

When you buy 5 or more containers from Boxhub, you can enjoy a volume discount of 5% off. We also provide a veterans discount for container purchases of any size. From time to time, we offer market-specific discounts for a limited period.

To find out if we have any special deals in your area, please give us a call at 1-888-356-2954.

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