Shipping Container Guides & Resources

Discover the versatility of shipping containers through our guides and resources. Explore how people utilize them for storage, housing, and innovative architectural projects. Stay informed and inspired by success stories that showcase the diverse applications and creative repurposing of new and used shipping containers.
Choosing the Right Shipping Container
Confused by the different types of shipping containers for sale? You're not alone! We break down the most common shipping container dimensions, grades & more.
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Shipping Container 101
What Are Shipping Containers Called? Sea Cans, C Cans, C Containers & More
Sea cans, intermodal containers, storage containers — we've heard them all! Learn about the different names for shipping containers here.
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Shipping Container 101
How Are Shipping Containers Manufactured?
Where do the world’s shipping containers get manufactured? Learn about the processes and materials that go into making “sea cans.”
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Shipping Container 101
A Brief History of the Shipping Container
Did you know the shipping container has only been around for under a century? Since then, it has completely revolutionized the shipping industry.
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Boxhub News
Boxhub Raises $2.7M Seed Round to Modernize Shipping Container Industry
Technology startup Boxhub has raised $2.7M on its mission to become the leading online marketplace for shipping containers.
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Boxhub News
Boxhub Co-Founder & CEO Joins Collision Conference 2022 Line-Up
Watch Boxhub co-founder & CEO Maximilian Birner speak at Collision, North America's fastest-growing technology conference. Recorded June 29, 2022.
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Boxhub News
Boxhub Appoints Tarun Somani as Chief Operating Officer
Boxhub is on a mission to simplify the purchase of shipping containers. The organization appoints a new COO at a time of exponential growth.
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Container Uses
7 Creative, Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Shipping Containers
Did you know shipping containers are extremely versatile? From swimming pools to vertical farms, here are a few of the creative and eco-friendly use cases.
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Container Uses
10 Creative Uses for Shipping Containers from Around the World
Do you know the many creative uses for shipping containers? There are plenty of creative, ‘outside the box’ uses for shipping containers. Here are a few.
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Container Uses
How a Shipping Container of Books Turned into a Reading Program in Belize
Read the inspiring story of how Bob Brumbaugh took a shipping container full of books and it turned it into an effective reading program.
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Container Pool
Shipping Container Pools: What They Are & How to Build One
The latest trend in shipping container upcycling projects? Swimming pools! Find out how you can turn a shipping container into a backyard pool.
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Shipping Container 101
How to Stack Shipping Containers
Want to increase your storage capacity with shipping containers? Read our guide on how to stack shipping containers safely and securely.
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Shipping Container 101
Shipping Container Security 101: How to Secure Your Shipping Container
Do you know how to properly secure your container? Their basic design isn't enough to guarantee complete safety from intrusion and whether.
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Great customer service. Containers shipped on time. Exactly what I was expecting.
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I had a great experience with the ordering process, and the delivery of my first box was on point. My first box was delivered on time...Great job Boxhub!
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