Shipping Container Guides & Resources

Discover the versatility of shipping containers through our guides and resources. Explore how people utilize them for storage, housing, and innovative architectural projects. Stay informed and inspired by success stories that showcase the diverse applications and creative repurposing of new and used shipping containers.
Choosing the Right Shipping Container
Confused by the different types of shipping containers for sale? You're not alone! We break down the most common shipping container dimensions, grades & more.
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Success Stories
How Partnering with Boxhub Helped I-Nava Hotshots Grow Their Business
Boxhub's network of truck owner-operators delivers shipping containers across the U.S. Here's how we helped one partner grow their truck fleet from 1 to 7.
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Success Stories
Buying a Shipping Container Online: Boxhub Customers Share Their Tips
Thinking of buying a shipping container online? Here are our customers' top tips for securing a great new or used shipping container online.
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Container Buying Guide
Boxhub x Alternative Living Spaces: About Buying a Container
Interested in buying a shipping container? It can be overwhelming figuring out what container you need, where to source from, and how to get it to your location.
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Container Caring Guide
How to Maintain and Repair Your Shipping Container
New to owning a shipping container? These basic maintenance tips can keep your shipping container in top condition for many years.
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Container Caring Guide
Caring For Your Shipping Container: The Ultimate Guide
Recently purchased a shipping container? We dive into our top tips for container maintenance, container security, container modifications, and more.
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Container Caring Guide
Best Locks for Securing a Shipping Container
Shipping containers are often used to store valuable items in remote locations, making them a target for thieves. Discover the best locks to prevent theft.
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Container Storage
What to Know About Buying a Shipping Container for Car Storage
Shipping containers are ideal for storing cars & seasonal vehicles. Here's what you need to know about using a shipping container to store your car.
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Container Uses
Using Shipping Containers for Pop-Up Shops
Convert a Boxhub shipping container into your next pop-up shop. Learn more about the benefits of shipping container pop-ups right here.
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Container Uses
Transforming Shipping Containers into Ice Factories
Relocalize is turning shipping containers into micro-factories for grocery retailers. Their mission? Decarbonize the food industry.
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Shipping Container 101
Shipping Container Placement Guide: Where to Put Your Shipping Container
Proper placement allows a shipping container to remain in great condition for years — even decades. Here's how to place a shipping container on your property (the right way).
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Shipping container 101
A Guide to Shipping Container Sizes, Dimensions, Measurements & Specs
Explore our comprehensive guide on shipping container sizes, featuring detailed dimensions, measurements, and specifications to help you choose the right one.
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Industry News
Why Are Shipping Container Prices Rising?
Container prices are on the rise due to challenges in the global shipping industry, stemming from disruptions in key maritime passages like the Panama Canal & the Red Sea.
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Container Homes
How to Build a Shipping Container Home
Interested in building a tiny home from shipping containers? Start with our comprehensive guide to building a shipping container home.
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Container Homes
How Long Do Shipping Container Home Last?
Shipping container homes are increasingly popular upcycling projects. But how long can container homes actually last?
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Container Homes
Shipping Container Home Design Ideas
Simple design ideas that will make your shipping container home even better. Get your shipping containers through Boxhub.
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Seamless Process
From quote to information on all their different containers to delivery Boxhub made it easy and seamless every step of the way
Jessica Edwards
Feb 24, 2024
Best Prices And Quick Easy Delivery
Best prices and quick easy delivery. Clean and ready to go. Will contact in future if another box is needed!
Jack M. Owings, IV
Feb 16, 2024
Great Customer Service
Great customer service. Containers shipped on time. Exactly what I was expecting.
Bryan DiSpirito
Jan 30, 2024
Great Experience with Great Results
I had a great experience with the ordering process, and the delivery of my first box was on point. My first box was delivered on time...Great job Boxhub!
Deputy Chief Carrington
Jan 15, 2024
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