Shipping Container Guides & Resources

Discover the versatility of shipping containers through our guides and resources. Explore how people utilize them for storage, housing, and innovative architectural projects. Stay informed and inspired by success stories that showcase the diverse applications and creative repurposing of new and used shipping containers.
Choosing the Right Shipping Container
Confused by the different types of shipping containers for sale? You're not alone! We break down the most common shipping container dimensions, grades & more.
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Container Buying Guide
How to Avoid Shipping Container Scams
Learn expert tips on steering clear of shipping container scams. Discover red flags, verification methods, and trusted sources for secure container purchases.
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Container Buying Guide
How to Buy a Shipping Container
Do you know how to buy a shipping container online? The process can be confusing and you might not know where to start. Learn the process of how to buy a shipping container online.
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Container Buying Guide
Buying a Shipping Container for Moving
Whether you’re moving across the country or relocating a few minutes away, a moving shipping container can be incredibly beneficial.
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Container Modification
Painting Shipping Containers 101: How to Paint a Shipping Container
Update your shipping container with a fresh pop of color. Here's how to paint your shipping container, including the best paints available.
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Container Transportation
What is CSC? A Guide to CSC Shipping Container Certification
Want to ship a container internationally? You may need to obtain CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) certification.
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Container Storage
Are Shipping Containers a Good Storage Solution?
Are shipping containers a good storage solution? We get into why containers are the best storage units from farmers to home owners.
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Container Farming
Starting a Shipping Container Farm, Garden or Greenhouse
Get your shipping containers from Boxhub. Find out how you can convert them into shipping container farms, greenhouses, and gardens.
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Container Farming
7 Cost-Effective Use Cases For Shipping Containers On A Farm
U.S. farmers are getting creative with shipping containers as a means of avoiding new construction costs. Here are seven inspired ways to use shipping containers on a farm.
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Container Farming
Shipping Containers May Solve the Food Desert Problem
Freight Farms is turning shipping containers into vertical farms — and just about anyone can use them. Learn more about shipping container farms here.
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Container Homes
The Top 10 Airbnb Shipping Container Homes From Around the World
Planning a vacation? Try a shipping container home! Here are our favorite Airbnb shipping container homes from around the world.
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Container Homes
Alternative Living Spaces: Transforming Shipping Containers Into Dream Homes
Tony Lopez, founder of Alternative Living Spaces, shares how to use shipping containers to build affordable, sustainable homes.
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Container Homes
Q&A with Discover Containers Founder, Aaron Burch
Discover Containers' mission is to inspire and educate people about shipping container homes. We asked founder Aaron Burch a few questions. Here's what he had to say.
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Shipping Container 101
What is Container Rain?
Container rain, also known as “container sweat”, is your container’s way of saying “Phew, it’s hot in here!”.
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Container Homes
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Container Home?
Do you know how much it costs to build a container home? Shipping container homes range in size and complexity - and so do the costs.
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Container Homes
Which States Allow Shipping Container Homes
Want to build a shipping container home? Container home regulations vary by state. Find out which states will legally allow the construction.
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