Construction Payroll Costs are Rising. Here’s How Efficient Storage Container Procurement Can Help.

Managing logistics can be one of your biggest time sinks—and as the industry grapples with rising labor expenses, finding efficient ways to utilize your workforce is mission critical.

Hannah Swinkin
June 4, 2024
5 mins

As a project manager in the construction industry, you’re well aware that every minute counts. In fact, we’ll be impressed if you make it through this article without checking your watch!

We also understand that managing logistics can be one of your biggest time sinks—and as the industry grapples with rising labor expenses, finding efficient ways to utilize your workforce is mission critical.

Why Labor Costs Are Rising

Reports from CBRE show that the cost of hiring workers is going up, and so are their paychecks. America’s construction companies are competing for a small group of skilled workers, which pushes wages higher. 

This trend is seen in the recent jump in construction jobs, which tells us that smart planning and making good use of workers are more important than ever (more on that below). Getting help with the more time-consuming and complex logistical tasks can make sure projects stay on schedule and don’t go over budget.

The Growing Need for Skilled Workers

The construction industry is on the rise, with a lot of new jobs coming from specialty trade contractors. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says there were 374,000 job openings in construction at the end of last year, showing that skilled workers are in high demand. With the economy changing and more projects to build infrastructure, it’s clear we need to find ways to build without spending too much.

The Cost Conundrum

  1. Labor expenses constitute a significant portion of construction budgets.
  2. Escalating wages, benefits, and regulatory compliance costs are putting pressure on project margins.
  3. To remain competitive, companies must optimize their labor utilization.

The Need for Efficiency

  1. Efficient labor usage directly impacts project timelines and profitability.
  2. Inefficient processes lead to delays, cost overruns, and missed deadlines.
  3. The challenge lies in balancing workforce availability with cost containment.

What It Means to Outsource Logistics

When you outsource logistics, you’re hiring another company to take care of parts of your supply chain. This lets you and your crew stick to what they do best—a move that makes sense now more than ever, because streamlining logistics can give companies a big edge.

Benefits of Outsourcing Container Procurement

  • Cost Savings

    By partnering with specialized vendors, companies can negotiate better rates for container acquisition and maintenance.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Outsourcing allows construction firms to focus on core competencies while experts handle container logistics.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

    Managing container fleets internally can be time-consuming. Outsourcing frees up resources for other critical tasks.

Boxhub: Changing the Game in Container Logistics

Dealing with storage containers for your job site can be surprisingly complicated and take a lot of time. After all, the container industry is hyperlocal and fragmented, with nearly 500 storage container companies operating nationwide.

Boxhub is here to change that as one of the U.S. construction industry’s top suppliers of shipping containers. Our team enables project and pre-construction managers to consolidate their multi-site container orders, with one account manager who takes care of it all. This saves Boxhub’s customers up to four hours of administrative work per delivery location.

Boxhub’s Tilt-Bed Delivery Network

Boxhub’s network of tilt-bed carriers have perfected shipping container deliveries without needing extra gear or hands to unload them. The process usually takes around 20 minutes. Here’s how they do it:

• You Pick the Direction: You tell your account manager which way the container should face when it gets there.

• Easy Offloading: Once on site, the truck tilts its trailer so the container just slides off right where you want it.

• Plan the Space: Make sure there’s about 120 feet of clear space for us to deliver a 40-foot container safely.

Why Boxhub’s Delivery Services Are Great

• You Save Time and Money: You don’t need your own gear or people for delivery.

• Grow Your Reach: Good logistics mean you can break ground on new projects faster.

• Projects Run Smoothly: With skilled drivers and a good system, Boxhub makes sure your delivery is right on time.

Wrapping it Up

With labor costs on the rise, it’s essential to use time wisely. Outsourcing your shipping container needs is a smart move—it helps you use your workforce better, stick to your project timelines, and control your budget. As the construction industry forges ahead, smart supply chain management is key. By entrusting your container procurement to Boxhub, you can reduce your administrative burden and ensure timely delivery of quality boxes at your job sites nationwide.

About Hannah Swinkin

Hannah is a B2B marketing leader with a passion for container upcycling projects and cargotecture. She sharpened her marketing expertise at disruptive tech companies transforming antiquated industries, including shipping, parking, and commercial real estate.

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