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“We are building a summer house of 3 used containers. For “non-shipping” people, it’s great to be able to use a dedicated platform that makes it easy to get the right container at the best price.“

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers

What is a shipping container?

A shipping container is a sizable storage solution that can store and withstand various goods. These containers can be separated into two types; dry and refrigerated. A dry storage container can store any items that don't require temperature control while a refrigerated container is designed to store and protect any goods that must be kept at cool temperatures, including food and various medicines.

What is Boxhub?

Boxhub is an online platform where businesses and individuals alike can buy storage containers through a secure and convenient online portal. We eliminate the need to connect with shipping depots and trucking companies and put the ability to sell or buy a shipping container directly in the hands of the customer.

We offer a wide range of new and used shipping containers to buy and sell across the country. Our company sources directly from the nearest storage container port to guarantee the best possible prices and a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

How do I buy a shipping container with Boxhub?

If you're looking to buy a storage container online, we offer a simple four-step process which includes all the information you need to choose the right storage option for you.

Step 1
Enter your delivery zip code.

Step 2
Choose the right storage solution for your needs based on our selection of standard and high-cube options. Unsure what size is best for your business? We offer a comprehensive shipping container size guide with all of the information you need to buy a shipping container with confidence.

Step 3
Select your preferred storage container condition. We offer a variety of new and used containers to choose from and provide a detailed breakdown of their exterior and interior conditions and their respective warranties.

Step 4
Review your cart and choose your preferred method of payment.

Step 5
Receive your shipping container delivery.

Why should I buy a shipping container from Boxhub?

At Boxhub, we make buying a shipping container easier with our secure and convenient online portal. Instead of communicating with local shipping depots and trucking companies, with Boxhub you can select the size and condition that suits your needs and pay for our services directly online, saving you time and money.

Choosing the right storage container for your project can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you're unsure of the size you need to securely store your goods. Whether you're interested in purchasing or selling a container, our team of container specialists can help you choose the right service at the right price.

What types of shipping containers does Boxhub offer?

We offer dry and refrigerated containers in a variety of sizes. Dry containers can be used to store any goods that do not require temperature control, while our refrigerated containers are best suited to items that must be stored at colder temperatures.

We provide one-trip, wind and watertight, and cargo-worthy storage containers for sale with detailed descriptions of their exterior conditions, shipping capabilities, and warranties. Each option is presented with its respective prices so you can select the right storage solution for your needs directly from our website.

How much does a shipping container weigh?

The weight of a shipping container can vary depending on its size. An empty 20-foot container typically weighs anywhere between 3,900 and 4,800 lbs., while an empty 40-foot container can weigh between 8,300 and 9,200 lbs.

At Boxhub, we offer a wide range of new and used storage container solutions to meet your needs. Our containers are available to browse and select online, with exact sizes and weight capabilities listed for your convenience.

What can I fit in a Boxhub shipping container?

If you're looking to buy spacious storage containers, we source a range of sizes to meet your inventory needs. Our 20-foot containers are designed to carry heavy cargo, including machinery and steel, while our 40-foot containers can carry a large volume of lighter goods, such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. Use our guide to learn more about shipping container grades.

What are Boxhub shipping containers made of?

We source shipping containers made of high-grade COR-TEN Steel. This weathering steel is specifically designed to resist corrosion and provides increased durability for harsh sea environments and those exposed to seawater.

Each container is built with corrugated steel sides, steel framing, and 1 1/8'' thick marine plywood floors, ensuring years of durability and security.

What you could do with a used shipping container

CSC Plates - if you need to ship the container

If you need to use your container for shipping or exports, it needs a valid "CSC Plate". For all cargo-worthy containers we can provide a CSC Survey for a small fee.

Moving house – what to consider when buying your own moving container

Buying your own shipping container if you are moving can be a great idea. This guide explains the key aspects to consider, as well as how to arrange pick-up and delivery of loaded shipping containers.

One-trip containers – what to expect?

New “one-trip” containers represent the best quality available on the market. However, they are used for a single trip with cargo and will sometimes have light wear and tear. This guide explains what to expect when buying a new one-trip container from Boxhub.

Delivery Guide

The purpose of this guide is to make sure the delivery of your container is as smooth as possible. The main thing to consider is “space” (is there enough space for the delivery truck to maneuver) and “surface” (can the delivery truck drive on the surface and do you have an even, hard surface to place the container on).

Understanding container grades

Should I get a new or used container and what is the difference between "cargo-worthy" and "wind & watertight"? This article outlines the four main condition categories and helps you choose the right container for your specific needs.

Container door handling locking gear - "low" or "high"?

Whether containers have "low" or "high" handling locking gear is a question of whether it was designed for international shipping or specifically for storage.