Buying a Shipping Container Online: Boxhub Customers Share Their Tips

Boxhub customers Bruce and Linda Pope

Thinking of buying a shipping container online? Call us biased, but we think you’re making a great decision! We also understand that making such a big purchase over the web can be overwhelming. To help bring you some peace of mind, Boxhub customers have kindly shared their experience of buying a shipping container online, along with some useful tips for purchasing, placement, and staying scam-savvy.

1. Shipping Containers For a Home Renovation

Let’s face it — home renovations are rarely stress-free. Even if you’re working with an ace contractor, keeping things on track (and on budget) requires lots of planning, patience, and organization. 

There’s also the matter of keeping your belongings safely stored while work is underway. Boxhub customer Tina Simpson recently encountered this challenge while renovating her home.

She considered finding and renting a storage space for her family’s art and antiques, but didn’t want to have to haul the precious cargo from place to place. Instead, she opted to purchase a 40ft wind-and-watertight shipping container and place it directly on her property.

“I believe it’s a good investment,” Tina told Boxhub: “It can be used in many ways as-is, or modified as needed to suit many different situations.”

Now, Tina can easily access her valuables without wasting time or money on a rented storage unit. And when the renovations are completed, she’ll have the freedom to repurpose her shipping container as a shed or garage alternative — or reap the benefits of its high resale value.

Tina’s top tip for buying a shipping container online:

“Just use Boxhub. They give you all the info you need to make an informed decision.”

2. Shipping Containers For Downsizing

Whether they’re chasing cost-efficiency, conscious living, or just less cleaning, America’s homeowners love to downsize.

Boxhub customers Bruce and Linda recently found themselves ready to move to a smaller property. Like many downsizers, they were challenged with moving a lifetime of possessions into a much tighter footprint. 

Boxhub customers Bruce and Linda Pope
Boxhub customers Bruce and Linda Pope

They considered renting a storage space, but didn’t want to forfeit the convenience of having their belongings at home. Ultimately, Bruce and Linda chose to purchase a 20ft wind-and-watertight shipping container from Boxhub as a long-term storage solution.

Now, they have onsite storage that’s versatile, durable, and weatherproof. An added bonus: their bright yellow container looks great in their backyard — proof that a little rust and wear is nothing to worry about.

Bruce and Linda's used shipping container, photographed in their backyard.
Bruce & Linda’s wind-and-watertight shipping container

Linda’s top tip for buying a shipping container online:

“When filling your shipping container, make sure you create a marked walkway! That way, you can see and get to everything easily.”

3. Shipping Containers For Moving House

Whether you’re planning to relocate a block, state, or ocean away, buying a shipping container for your move can make the process much easier. Armed with your own shipping container — a sturdy, versatile, turnkey piece of equipment — you’re in control of your move day.

Jesse knew he wanted to buy shipping containers for moving, but quickly found the container industry to be rife with scams. After doing extensive web research — including consulting the Better Business Bureau — Jesse decided to make his 20ft shipping container purchase with Boxhub.”

“It’s a great place to store items that’s safe from inclement weather and unwanted critters,” Jesse told us. “It also centralizes items in one place for easier access. Most importantly, containers deter theft by limiting the timeframe for perpetrators to access personal goods.”

Jesse’s top tip for buying a shipping container online:

“Boxhub is legit; I did my due diligence and researched this business. A couple of things I looked for is a command structure; I went to the website to make sure it was secure by checking the lock feature. I also called the sales agent and looked up other staff members.”

4. Shipping Containers as a Storage Unit Alternative

An estimated one in five Americans rent a storage unit, according to a recent survey, with furniture being the most commonly stored item. Up until recently, Boxhub customer Denny Daughtery rented a storage unit. He was spending more than $150 every month. Then he came up with a better idea for storing his goods: buying a shipping container from Boxhub.

Boxhub customer Denny Daugherty stands in front of his used shipping container
Denny with his used container.

“I spent $1,800 to $2,000 a year for a storage unit, and had it for three years,” Denny told us. “I bought a shipping container for the same amount of money I spent on a rented unit.”

After texting our team, Denny had purchased his own 20ft wind-and-watertight shipping container. Now he has the freedom to store his possessions on his property, in a unit that can be used for decades to come.

Denny’s tip for buying a shipping container online:

“Save your money in the long run; you’ll have your shipping container until you die. I love mine!”

Boxhub customer Rick Luntsford was also renting a storage unit, until he had an epiphany.

“Why was I paying for a storage unit when I could buy one cheaper than I could build one — and it’ll pay for itself in two years?”

Armed with the knowledge that he would be saving money and gas driving to and from a traditional rented storage space, he reached out to Boxhub and purchased a 40ft wind-and-watertight shipping container.

Rick’s tip for buying a shipping container online:

“It’s well worth the money. Also, put your shipping container on some railroad ties, so the air can flow under it. This will keep it from rusting out.”

5. Shipping Containers For Farm Storage

Whether it’s production costs, land costs, or overall inflation, being a farmer in the United States is more expensive than ever. That’s not even taking into account security, whether you’re protecting expensive agricultural equipment from thieves or inclement weather. This was a priority for Boxhub customer Peter Lill, who initially started looking at shipping containers for storage on his agricultural property.

“I was skeptical at first, because everything was online,” he told Boxhub. But after reading reviews posted on platforms like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, he felt confident in purchasing a 20ft wind-and-watertight shipping container from Boxhub. Now he can store his tractor, mower, and other items securely without worrying about thieves, inclement weather, or pests damaging his equipment.

A tractor storaged in a wind-and-watertight shipping container.
Peter’s used shipping container in action.

Peter’s tip for buying a shipping container online:

“Do research on where you’re buying your container from and price around.”

Shipping containers are endlessly versatile. From eco-friendly storage alternatives to tiny homes to vertical farms, there’s no limit to the ways you can use these sturdy, secure units. Boxhub’s mission is to make shipping containers accessible to all by helping customers research, source, and purchase the right unit for their needs and budget — hassle-free. Our team of container specialists is always ready to answer your questions. It’s part of our commitment to excellent customer service, and the reason why we have an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot and a 4.5-star average rating on Google My Business. Get in touch with us today.