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Door Kits for Shipping Containers

Make your shipping container more accessible with our door kits, compatible with all 20ft and 40ft shipping containers purchased through Boxhub.

About Door Kits

Whether you're converting your shipping container into an office, a gym, a workshop, or a tiny home, adding doors to your unit makes it easy to get in and out with ease. Boxhub offers several affordable, easy-to-install door kits. Choose between our steel roll-up doors or our weld ‘n' go man doors based on your unique needs or preferences.


Why Buy a Door Kit?


Boxhub's shipping container door kits provide easy access to your tiny home, office, gym, or belongings.


Our container doors can be fitted with locks or deadbolts and added security features to protect your belongings. Our steel man doors are also 3-hour fire-rated.


Purchasing a Boxhub door kit lets you add doors to your unit faster and more affordably than purchasing a pre-modified shipping container with doors.


Boxhub's steel roll-up doors track smoothly and come with handles and side locks. Our steel man doors arrive fully assembled with baked-in primer and R6 polystyrene insulation.

Door Kit FAQ

Boxhub's door kits allow shipping container owners to add steel roll-up or man doors to their shipping container. Each kit includes all of the necessary parts for the door you purchased, plus detailed installation instructions.

Our weld ‘n' go man doors can be installed in your shipping container in around 45 minutes. Installation time may vary depending on whether the door is being installed by a professional contractor or the shipping container owner themselves.

If you have the experience and equipment needed to cut the shipping container and weld the door into place, you can install the door yourself.

Unsure of whether you can install the door yourself? We recommend contacting a local contractor, who will be able to complete the job for you quickly and effectively.

Both our steel roll-up doors and weld ‘n' go man doors are compatible with all types of shipping containers, including 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers of both standard and high-cube heights.

Get personalized buying support from a shipping container specialist.

Get personalized buying support from a shipping container specialist.