Shipping Containers For Farming & Agriculture

Need extra storage on your farm? Shipping containers are a great way to scale your farming operations and keep your equipment secure.
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Shipping Containers in Agriculture

Shipping containers are a cost-effective alternative to constructing a barn or outbuilding on your farm. Designed to withstand harsh oceanic and industrial environments, containers are excellent for protecting farm equipment from inclement weather conditions.

In addition to storing tractors or other large machinery, wind and watertight containers can be used to store animal feed, keeping it safe from rodents, insects, or even farm cats. With a few modifications, like adding shelving for increased storage capacity or insulation for temperature regulation, storage containers can serve multiple uses on your farm. 
Farming in Shipping Containers

Shipping container farms (also known as hydroponic farming units) are a growing trend in modern agriculture. Farmers and hardcore gardeners are embracing container farms as a cost-effective way to expand farm production without purchasing additional acres of land. Unlike traditional farms, these containers create a controlled growing environment where factors like temperature, moisture, and light can be carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. Container farm crops aren’t just protected from the elements — they’re also safe from insects, pests, and invasive plants. 

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Benefits of Shipping Containers for Agriculture
Constructing a basic barn or shed costs between $50-$120 per square foot; a used shipping container is less than half that.
Quick Setup
Shipping containers are usable the moment they arrive. If you work with Boxhub, delivery takes an average of 5 business days nationwide.
Protected from the Elements
Shipping containers were built to go across oceans or function aggressive industrial environments, meaning they are completely wind and watertight.
Unlike traditional barns, containers are portable and can be moved around your property using a heavy-duty forklift or tilt-bed trailer.
Shipping containers are difficult to break into, keeping your farm equipment protected from thieves and other crimes of opportunity.
Benefits of Shipping Containers for Farming
All-Year Farming
Shipping container farms are climate-controlled, so you can grow crops year-round no matter the weather.
Uprooting? Vertical container farms can be easily relocated with the help of a  tilt-bed or flat-bed trailer.
Hydroponic container farms can grow more than leafy greens. They can house chickens, mushrooms, spices — and even be converted into fish hatcheries!
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Frequently Asked Questions

A container farm, also known as a shipping container farm, is a self-contained farming unit built within a shipping container. It is equipped with all the necessary systems for controlled environment agriculture, including lighting, hydroponics, irrigation, and climate control.

Yes, shipping containers can be repurposed as chicken coops. Modifications such as ventilation, nesting areas, and roosting spaces can be added to create a functional shipping container chicken coop.

Yes, shipping containers can be converted into farmhouses. Container farmhouses can be designed for various uses, including living quarters, storage, or a combination of both.

Yes, shipping containers can be adapted for fish farming by creating a controlled environment suitable for the specific requirements of the fish being cultivated.

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