How Partnering with Boxhub Helped I-Nava Hotshots Grow from One Truck to Seven

Boxhub's network of truck owner-operators delivers shipping containers across the U.S. Here's how we helped one partner grow their truck fleet from 1 to 7.

Nina Barango
Mar 28, 2023
4 mins
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How I-Nava Hotshots Got Started

Husband-and-wife duo Claudia and Israel Nava launched I-Nava Hotshots in Houston over three years ago. When they founded the company, they employed a single driver. After working with Boxhub for just over a year, I-Nava has grown tremendously right alongside it. In that short period of time, their team has grown from one driver, to now seven drivers. Both Claudia and Israel said it’s been a fruitful partnership since the very beginning. It started with about nine shipping container loads. “That was…a pretty big project for us. They saw we were able to execute those loads in a timely manner and we just took off from there,” said Claudia.  

Claudia and Israel Nava, Owners of I-Nava Hotshots LLC

Claudia and Israel Nava, Owners of I-Nava Hotshots LLC

Becoming a Trucking Partner with Boxhub

According to Claudia and Israel, one of their favorite aspects about partnering with Boxhub has been enjoying the technology implemented over the past year that has been designed to make their working relationship easier and more efficient. Not only that, Claudia notes, “As far as technology goes, they always reach out to us, ask for our opinion, and take it into consideration anything to make things easier for us. That's what I like a lot.”

Claudia and Israel appreciate that Boxhub’s team is always looking for ways to improve their working relationship. This includes continuously asking for feedback from I-Nava — and then implementing it. Claudia said that Boxhub’s open approach to communication and their willingness to listen to their partners makes her “feel a part of the company.” 

Partnering for a Successful Future

Since providing Boxhub with its first quote in 2021, I-Nava has grown quickly and sustainably. As Boxhub has expanded, so too have their load requests, enabling Claudia and Israel to grow their team — and their profits — at a lightning-fast pace. It’s been a whirlwind ride that has benefitted everyone involved — not just Boxhub, but also I-Nava and the growing number of drivers they’ve been able to employ to cover the increasing number of load requests. They even purchased a 20ft rollback to improve their fleet.

“Boxhub is easy to work with,” said Claudia. She also touts the company’s efficiency and willingness to listen and answer any questions her team has quickly and efficiently. For her husband, Israel, the best part about working with Boxhub is the company’s dedication to and prioritization of customer service. “It's something that we share - it always has to be about customer service, and satisfaction to the customer.” 

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