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The 40ft Shipping Container

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Spacious. Dependable. Versatile. Discover why Boxhub’s 40ft shipping containers are the perfect storage solution for lightweight, high-volume goods.

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About 40ft Shipping Containers

40ft containers are designed to carry large quantities of lightweight goods, such as cotton, electronics, and consumer furniture. These qualities make them ideal for the storage of high-volume materials or as frames for larger modular homes.

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Empty Weight


Loading Capacity


Internal Volume

40ft Container Heights

Boxhub's 40ft shipping containers are available in two standardized heights. Simply select the height that best fits your needs.

40ft standard dimensions

40ft Containers

40' L x 8' W x 8'6 H

A standard 40ft shipping container is 8'6 high.

40ft high cube dimensions

40ft High Cube Containers

40' L x 8' W x 9'6 H

A standard 40ft shipping container is 9'6 high.

40ft Container Conditions

Boxhub's 40ft shipping containers are available in new and used condition.


Used Containers

Used units have been retired from shipping after 15-20 years at sea (sometimes longer).

Used containers are an economical solution for static storage. They have fully functioning doors and intact floors, and can be re-certified for international shipping at an additional cost.

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New Containers

Containers that have only shipped one single load of dry cargo to the U.S.

40ft one-trip containers are built to last decades, with no upfront maintenance/painting required. They are ideal for tiny home/office projects or placement in highly visible areas.

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Why People Love Our 40ft Containers

See what our customers had to say after purchasing 40ft containers from Boxhub.

Love our new storage container! The process was easy and there was no surprises or hidden obstacles

The containers were in really great shape... Nice hard work floors! Thanks!

The unit was clean and just what I wanted. I will purchase another one before long.

For a used Container it is in great shape, the floors are in great shape as well.

The unit is actually MUCH nicer than I expected. The interior looks like it had just been refinished

[Requires] only cosmetic maintenance, and has proven weathertight...

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Which container is right for you?

20ft used storage

20ft Used Container

20ft new storage

20ft New Container

External Dimensions

20´ L x 8´ W x 8´6 H

20´ L x 8´ W x 9´6 H (High Cube)

Internal Dimensions

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H

19´ 4´´ L x 7´ 8´´ W x 7´10´´ H (High Cube)



5,183 lbs


62,016 lbs


1,172 ft³

~ 2 compact cars

Recommended Use Cases


Shipping (Upgradeable)




Built-in Lockbox and Forklift Pockets



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