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The 40ft Shipping Container
40ft shipping containers were originally designed to transport large quantities of lightweight goods — like cotton, electronics, and furniture. These qualities make them ideal for storing high-volume items such as household items, retail inventory, or construction materials. 
If you're looking for an affordable and spacious storage solution, we recommend purchasing a used 40ft shipping container. These containers have been retired from international shipping after 15-20 years at sea. Although they are no longer recommended for stacking, they are perfect for single-story storage units and a cost-effective alternative to renting a storage unit or building a garage or shed.
Unlike used containers, 40ft new containers can be immediately used for shipping, stacking, building, and much more. These containers also known as “one-trips”, carried a single load of dry goods to the U.S. before being marked for sale. They may have some light superficial damage from their journey — but they won’t require any upfront maintenance or painting. 
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About 40ft Shipping Containers
40ft containers are designed to carry large quantities of lightweight goods, such as cotton, electronics, and consumer furniture. These qualities make them ideal for the storage of high-volume materials or as frames for larger modular homes.
40ft Standard Container
External Dimensions 
40'L x 8'W x 8'6"H
Internal Dimensions
39'4"L x 7'8"W x 7'10"H
Loading Capacity
63,383 lbs
Internal Volume
2,385 ft³
Empty Weight
8,024 lbs
40ft High-Cube Container
External Dimensions 
40'L x 8'W x 9'6"H
Internal Dimensions
39'4"L x 7'8"W x 8'10"H
Loading Capacity
63,975 lbs
Internal Volume
2,695 ft³
Empty Weight
8,465 lbs
40ft Container Conditions
Boxhub's 40ft shipping containers are available in new and used conditions.
Used Containers
Used units have been retired from shipping after 15-20 years at sea (sometimes longer).
Used containers are an economical solution for static storage. They have fully functioning doors and intact floors, and can be re-certified for international shipping at an additional cost.
New Containers
Containers that have only shipping one single load of dry cargo to the U.S.
40ft one-trip containers are built to last decades, with no upfront maintenance/painting required. They are ideal for tiny home/office projects or placement in highly visible areas.
40ft Container Use Cases
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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of 40ft shipping containers varies based on their size (standard vs. high-cube), condition (new vs. used), and delivery location. For example, a new 40ft container — which has only made one trip across the ocean — will be more expensive than a used container, which has been retired from shipping after 12-15 years.

To get an estimate of how much your ideal shipping container will cost, you can request a quote from our team or check out online.

A standard 40ft shipping container weighs 8,024 lb when empty and a 40ft high-cube container weighs 8,465lb when empty.

A 40ft container's internal volume is 2,385 ft3. That's the equivalent of 400 standard mattresses, four compact cars, or 19,200 wine bottles. A 40ft container has a loading capacity of 63,383 lbs.

40ft high cube containers, on the other hand, are a foot taller than their standard counterparts, bringing their height to 9'6”. They provide extra height that's ideal for accommodating tall items or creating multi-level spaces.

To better understand shipping container dimensions, read our guide to choosing the right shipping container.

Wondering, "Where can I find 40ft shipping containers for sale?" look no further. Boxhub is a leading provider of shipping containers across the United States. We offer new and used 40ft shipping containers with delivery within 5 business days. Visit our online store here or give us a call at 1-888-356-2954 for personalized buying support.

40ft containers can be used for all the same purposes as 20ft shipping containers. However, their larger volume makes them better suited to storing or transporting bulkier objects such as retail inventory, electronics, and furniture.

40ft high-cube containers are commonly used in international shipping, and in some instances are even cheaper than standard-height units. (Since 20ft high-cube containers aren't commonly used in international shipping, they're more difficult to source.)

They’re also a great choice for modular homes, offices, moving houses, or as a longer-term alternative to a rented storage unit — especially when stacked or connected with other containers.

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