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Need secure storage for your job site? Boxhub's shipping containers are robust, budget-friendly and weatherproof. 

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Using Shipping Containers on Construction Sites

Shipping containers are a practical storage solution for construction projects of all sizes. With their tough "weathered steel" exterior and standardized capacity, shipping containers are an ideal venue for construction companies and contractors to store equipment, heavy machinery, building materials, and other items that need protection from the elements or theft.

Beyond general storage, shipping containers can be transformed into office spaces, salesrooms, break rooms, and other practical spaces to suit your construction company's needs. Once your construction project is complete, your freshly purchased shipping container can be easily transported between sites on a tilt-bed or flatbed trailer.
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Customer Testimonials

Thousands of happy customers have chosen Boxhub as their container supplier of choice.

Seamless Process
From quote to information on all their different containers to delivery Boxhub made it easy and seamless every step of the way
Jessica Edwards
Feb 24, 2024
Best Prices And Quick Easy Delivery
Best prices and quick easy delivery. Clean and ready to go. Will contact in future if another box is needed!
Jack M. Owings, IV
Feb 16, 2024
Great Customer Service
Great customer service. Containers shipped on time. Exactly what I was expecting.
Bryan DiSpirito
Jan 30, 2024
Great Experience with Great Results
I had a great experience with the ordering process, and the delivery of my first box was on point. My first box was delivered on time...Great job Boxhub!
Deputy Chief Carrington
Jan 15, 2024

Buying vs. Renting: Why Buy Your Construction Containers?

Cost Efficiency

The price of a new "one-trip" container — built to last 30+ years — is comparable to renting for just 18 months. If your construction project is slated for two or more years, buying your containers outright is likely to be a more economical option.

A rented shipping container can't be customized or modified. With a purchased container, you have the freedom to make any modifications you'd like — from small customizations (like painting and branding) to full conversions (like offices and break areas).
Investment Potential
Shipping containers have a strong resale value. In the event your construction company ends up with a surplus, you can put your connex boxes up for sale and recoup some of your initial investment.
Operational Flexibility
Rented containers come with strict terms of use and limited opportunities for additional security measures, like lockboxes and cameras. When you buy a shipping container with Boxhub, you have full control over where it's placed and how it's secured.
Damage Control
The smallest dent to a rented shipping container can incur extra costs — all calculated at the rental company's discretion. With an owned shipping container, you won't have to worry about charges for superficial wear-and-tear.
Logistical Simplicity
Coordinating container rentals can be time-consuming and complex. You can buy construction containers from Boxhub in a call or a click — no contracts to manage, no pickups to schedule.
Shipping Containers for Homebuilding
Shipping container home construction is a thriving segment of the modular living movement. Architects and home contractors around the world are embracing the form, function, and eco-friendliness of shipping containers as a building material.

From single-story accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to multi-tenant complexes, shipping containers can be combined and stacked in various ways — all at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping containers (also known as connex boxes) are a great way to manage waste and keep your construction sites clean, organized, and safe while ensuring that materials are correctly disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Yes, shipping containers can be adapted for temporary housing needs during construction projects. Customization options include insulation, ventilation, and basic amenities to create comfortable living spaces.

Boxhub has a range of DIY container modification kits to choose from, with each enabling you to upgrade a standard shipping container in as little as 45 minutes.

Shipping containers are versatile and can be placed in various locations on a construction site. We recommend placing your container on a flat, level, and compact surface. If you place it on an uneven surface, the container's structure could shift or warp over time.

To learn more, check out our shipping container placement guide.

Yes, new or used shipping containers can be easily moved between job sites using a tilt-bed or flatbed trailer. When using a flatbed trailer, offloading equipment will be required at the destination site.

Boxhub sells standardized shipping containers that were designed with security in mind. All standard 40ft and 20ft shipping containers, for example, are made from COR-TEN steel (sometimes called "weathered steel") — an incredibly durable material that is resistant to corrosion. This makes them ideal for keeping your job site's equipment and materials safe from the elements.

A shipping container's windowless, one-entry-point design also protects your tools against thieves. For an extra layer of security, we recommend securing your storage container with a strong and reliable lock to protect valuable items from theft and damage. Padlocks, CISA container locks, and lock boxes are all great options for securing shipping containers.

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