Shipping Containers for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

Boxhub sells a variety of shipping containers — whether you’re looking for new, cargo-worthy, or wind and watertight. Explore how to purchase Boxhub shipping containers in Los Angeles today.

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Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.

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Finding a container is effortless with our vast network of depots across the U.S. That means you can forget about calling strangers or answering message board ads. Pick and purchase a container through our website’s self-serve checkout.

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We cut out unnecessary middlemen by maintaining a network of depots and trucking partners. Once you purchase your container, we’ll arrange a seamless pick-up and drop-off experience.

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Thanks to our trucking partners across the nation, we can offer delivery in 7-10 business days or rush delivery subject to availability and cost.

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Purchase with confidence knowing that all of our shipping containers — even used containers — are backed by one-, three-, or five-year warranties depending on the grade.

Shop with Confidence

Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.

Boxhub Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

Boxhub is a proud supplier of shipping containers in Los Angeles and across the United States.

We help individuals and businesses reimagine their storage, shipping, and living possibilities with safe and reliable containers — available in multiple sizes and conditions for your convenience. Whether you’re looking to invest or save money, we’ll help identify and source the right shipping and storage containers for your budget.

Our Shipping Containers for Sale in Los Angeles

New Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

With a new shipping container in Los Angeles, you can transport goods or design your own tiny home with the peace of mind that your container is designed to last.

Used Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

Want to save money without sacrificing your storage or shipment needs? Investing in a safe and durable used shipping container is the perfect solution.

20ft Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

Ship goods domestically or internationally, store important belongings, or build your own living space with a 20-foot shipping container

Standard containers sit at 8’6 H, and high-cube containers sit at 9’6 H.

40ft Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

Experience the benefits of versatile, durable, and spacious 40-foot shipping container for sale in Los Angeles.

Standard units reach a maximum height of 8’6, and high-cube units are a max of 9’6 H.

Shipping Container Window Kits in Los Angeles

Once you’ve found the perfect shipping container for sale in Los Angeles, upgrade your new living space with our weld-and-go window kits. All Boxhub window kits are compatible with 20 and 40-foot shipping containers.

Buying Shipping Containers in Los Angeles: How it Works

Find a Container

Select the ideal container size and grade to meet your needs. Choose from 20 and 40-foot shipping containers in Los Angeles.

Schedule Delivery

Choose the delivery date and time that fits your schedule, and we’ll ensure your container is delivered on time and on-site.

Receive Container Delivery

Your container will be delivered on your scheduled date and placed in your designated location for your convenience.

Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Los Angeles, CA

People from around the world flock to the City of Angels to experience the nature, nightlife, and culture it offers. This demand has inspired the development of affordable and aesthetically-unique shipping container homes: a new way for guests and residents to live comfortably city-wide.

The process to buy and build a shipping container home in L.A. is similar to standard residential or commercial properties. Builders must meet current building and zoning regulations to move forward with their project and may require special insurance. They must be able to provide detailed specs of the space — including whether the new unit is a single or duplex, electrical and plumbing plans, and safety observances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to buy a shipping container in Los Angeles, it’s important to understand everything that they can be used for, including:


We source shipping containers in Los Angeles as a cost-effective storage solution to traditional storage pods and outbuildings. Each storage container features durable COR-TEN steel exteriors and standardized capacity, ensuring your belongings are safe from the elements.


The popularity of storage container houses continues to grow. Whether you’re looking to downsize and experience tiny home living or you’re looking for cost-effective office space, transforming a new shipping container into a custom residential or commercial space is an effective and efficient solution.


If you’re looking to transport goods domestically or internationally, Boxhub will source a cargo-worthy shipping container in the size of your choice. Each unit is watertight, easy to load, and durable — no matter the length of the shipment.


A shipping container can do more than transport your belongings to your next home — it can also double as storage after the move is complete. Whether you’re moving across California or across the country, our specialists will help you find the right moving shipping container or your needs.

Questions? Reach out to us on 888-356-2954 at any time.

The cost of shipping and storage containers in Los Angeles often depends on several important factors, including their size and condition.

At Boxhub, our specialists are always available to answer your questions and help you find the perfect Los Angeles shipping container. Whether you’re looking to ship goods, store important belongings, or transform your living experience, we can source a new or used shipping container that fits your budget.

Yes, it is possible to buy and build a shipping container home in L.A. In fact, California is one of the states allowing shipping containers to be renovated into livable spaces — provided that the project meets state building and zoning codes. You may also need special insurance if you’re building a tiny home which would require a meeting with your insurance company.

Absolutely! California hosts upwards of two million tourists annually, with many of these visitors experiencing the vibrancy of Los Angeles. Airbnb hosts are embracing the growing number of visitors and looking for new ways to create comfortable living spaces while exploring their city. Rather than looking for large, costly homes to purchase and rent, finding used shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles and renovating them into charming tiny homes has become a popular new trend.

The process for building Airbnb shipping container homes is similar to the process for building residential properties. Hosts must comply with building and zoning codes to receive approval.

At Boxhub, we believe in helping our customers change the way they live and work for the better. As leading shipping and storage container suppliers in L.A., we source quality units for individuals and businesses in California, and across the U.S.

We understand the importance of finding better ways to ship, store, and house your belongings without sacrificing costs or security. Our specialists will work with you to determine the container size and condition best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re looking to ship goods internationally or you’re looking to build your dream tiny home, we can help you choose the new or used storage container that’s right for you.

We offer a simple ordering process that prioritizes your convenience. Our team ensures your shipping container is delivered on-site and on time every time.

At Boxhub, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of different types of shipping containers in Los Angeles, California, and across the United States. We sell all standard-sized shipping containers in three distinct condition categories: one-trip, cargo-worthy, and wind & watertight.

Wind and Watertight

These units have spent an average of 12 to 18 years at sea — and, in some cases, for longer periods of time. While they no longer meet those requirements, they’re equipped with fully functioning doors and floors and are ideal for static storage uses.

Cargo Worthy

Shipping containers offer reliable structural integrity and can still be certified to ship cargo across the ocean. Certification is an at-cost service that Boxhub can coordinate upon request.


A one-trip shipping container has only made a single trip of dry cargo to the U.S. and is built to last for decades to come — no upfront painting or maintenance necessary. These units are ideal for constructing tiny homes/ home offices or to be placed in a visible area around your property.

At Boxhub, the process of buying shipping containers in Los Angeles includes three simple steps.

Step 1

Choose your ideal container size and condition.

Step 2

Schedule your preferred delivery date and time.

Step 3

Receive your shipping container at your designated location within 7-10 days.

Connect with our consultants online for any questions or concerns. We’ll help you choose the right shipping container unit for your needs.

Across California, industries are looking for innovative ways to reach new customers. Many are turning to the idea of shipping containers to create new opportunities for consumers to engage with.

Food & Beverage

The California food and beverage industry is changing how its customers engage with their favorite restaurants, breweries and cafes. Taking used shipping containers and transforming them into eclectic eateries and social spaces has become a popular alternative, with new food halls and markets entering the market each year.


California welcomes millions of tourists each year, especially in popular destinations like L.A. Across the city and the state, homeowners are looking for unique and cost-effective ways to create new rental opportunities. The popularity of the tiny home has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks to home decor and renovation shows on television — turning the idea of buying a shipping container into a lucrative opportunity for guests.

Shipping and storage containers in Los Angeles are changing the way consumers shop for their favorite brands.

  1. Studio One Eleven created an innovative project in Downtown Bellflower, CA, where they renovated used shipping containers into a new al-fresco food hall. This project has become a leader in the area’s revitalization efforts.

  2. Head to Venice, CA, where you’ll find a collection of shipping containers that have been transformed by local businesses and vendors — including yoga studios and retail pop-up shops. This collective was designed to highlight company Ilan Dei Venice’s custom furniture pieces and encourage customers to try their new styles while showcasing a variety of local businesses

Boxhub supplies new and used shipping and storage containers in Los Angeles and across the United States.

Our online platform is designed to help individuals and businesses find new shipping, storage, and living solutions that fit their lifestyles and budgets. We work with customers from Chicago to San Antonio and everywhere in between. Choose from a selection of available shipping containers in Los Angeles in your preferred size and condition, and we’ll ensure you receive your shipment on time and on-site.

Finding new or used shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles has never been easier. Contact Boxhub today for your free quote.

Boxhub supplies new and used shipping and storage containers in Los Angeles and across the United States.

Whether you’re looking to ship, store, or even renovate, we offer a selection of 20 and 40-foot containers made of durable, weathering COR-TEN Steel. Simply enter your zip code, and select the right storage or shipping container based on our list of containers for sale and your preferred condition.

Once you’ve selected your new or used container storage in Houston or your preferred location, review your cart and enter your payment method. Our truck operators will ensure your shipping container arrives in its original condition.

Contact us today to learn more about container storage in Houston and nationwide.