Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston, Texas

Boxhub sells a variety of shipping containers whether you're looking for new, cargo worthy, or wind and watertight models. Explore why and how to purchase Boxhub shipping containers in Houston, Texas, today.

Why Boxhub?

Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.

We make it easy

Finding a container is effortless with our vast network of depots across the U.S. That means you can forget about calling strangers or answering message board ads. Pick and purchase a container through our website’s self-serve checkout.

Save time & money

We cut out unnecessary middlemen by maintaining a network of depots and trucking partners. Once you purchase your container, we’ll arrange a seamless pick-up and drop-off experience.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our trucking partners across the nation, we can offer delivery in 7-10 business days or rush delivery subject to availability and cost.

Guaranteed quality

Purchase with confidence knowing that all of our shipping containers — even used containers — are backed by one-, three-, or five-year warranties depending on the grade.

Why Boxhub?

Boxhub is the online platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy containers and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their home.

Boxhub Shipping Containers in Houston

Boxhub is a leading supplier of Houston shipping containers, specialising in convenient and efficient door-to-door service.

We help our customers reimagine what it means to store their personal belongings and introduce them to new, innovative ways of living. Our selection of new and used shipping containers includes models of various sizes and conditions to suit every lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re looking to store seasonal equipment or create additional living space, our team will help you source the right shipping container for your needs.

Learn how Houston's storage containers are elevating storage solutions in the city.

Our Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston, TX

New Shipping Containers in Houston

Our selection of new shipping containers promise durability and longevity. Whether you’re renovating your home or storing important belongings, you can feel comfortable knowing your container is in pristine condition.

Used Shipping Containers in Houston

If you're looking for versatile storage and living solutions within your budget, Boxhub can help. We supply a variety of used shipping containers across Houston, Texas. We offer clear descriptions outlining their size and capabilities.

20ft Shipping Containers in Houston

Our 20-foot shipping containers are a compact way to store important belongings, ship goods across the country, or convert them into additional living spaces.

Standard containers sit at 8'6 H, while our high-cube containers reach 9’6 H.

40ft Shipping Containers in Houston

If you need additional storage capacity, a 40-foot shipping container offers expansive interiors for all your lightweight, high-volume goods.

Standard units reach a maximum height of 8’6, and high-cube units are a max of 9’6 H.

DIY Modification Kits in Houston

Modification kits are a quick and economical alternative to purchasing pre-modified containers, with most kits taking less than an hour to install. Our available kits include: Roll-up doors and man doors, purpose-made lock boxes, windows and vents, easy-install shelving.

Buying Shipping Containers in Houston: How it Works

Find a Container

Choose the right type of shipping container for your lifestyle and budget. Choose from 20 or 40 ft. and your preferred condition.

Schedule Delivery

Enter the delivery date that fits your schedule, and our team will schedule your shipping container delivery to meet your request.

Receive Container Delivery

Receive your new or used shipping container from Boxhub and have it set exactly where you want it.

Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Houston, TX

Building shipping container homes in Houston, TX, requires specific regulations to be in place before the process can begin.

Minimum dwelling regulations must be compiled in order for your shipping container to pass inspection, including one livable room of no less than 120 square feet. The rest of the rooms in your new Houston shipping container home in Houston must measure a minimum of 70 square feet. Minimum ceiling heights must reach seven feet, while horizontal measurements will also need to reach that minimum. You will want to factor in key items such as HVAC units, insulation, and electrical wiring.

If you're looking to buy a shipping container to transform into an alternative living space, consider these rules and regulations and let Boxhub help you with the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers in Houston

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile storage and living solutions on the market today. In Houston, they can be adapted in a variety of ways, including:


We source durable, high-quality storage shipping containers in Houston that can store a wide range of personal items, from seasonal vehicles to excess furniture, mattresses and more.


Across Houston, shipping containers are transforming how residents live and work. Made to withstand changing weather and capable of customizing with insulation and plumbing, these units can be renovated into comfortable tiny homes or home offices.


Buying a container for shipping is one of the most efficient ways to safely transport cargo domestically or internationally. Each container is watertight, durable, and easy to load for an efficient process from start to finish.


Shipping containers in Houston, Texas, typically cost less than renting a storage unit, making moving with shipping containers a great solution for families looking to move into their new home. Our team will source the right container for your needs and budget.

Questions? Reach out to us on 888-356-2954 at any time.

Absolutely! Shipping containers are one of the most versatile products available today and can even be renovated and repurposed into comfortable, affordable housing.

Storage containers are made of durable COR-TEN steel and can withstand changing weather environments, making them the perfect blank canvas for your alternative housing. These containers can be fully customised with insulation, plumbing, and additional modern comforts.

Choose from a 20-foot shipping container, which measures internally at 1,172ft³ and is ideal for tiny homes or home offices — or the 40-foot container, measuring internally at 2,385ft³ and is best suited for larger shipping container homes in Houston.

Yes! Airbnb shipping containers are becoming more popular in Houston and across the U.S. as customers look for more innovative and affordable living solutions.

These containers can be renovated to include plumbing, insulation, and other modern features for a unique vacation experience. In some cases, renovators will combine multiple shipping containers in Houston to create multi-level Airbnbs, so their guests can enjoy more space and additional comfort.

Texas's zoning laws are considered more lenient than other states, making it a popular location for shipping container-style Airbnbs and long-term residences.

At Boxhub, we’re more than just a supplier of new and used shipping containers in Houston — we help Americans redefine what it means to live a more innovative and convenient life.

We work with customers across the country to help them find storage solutions that work for their lifestyles and budget. When a customer inquires about out shipping containers for sale in Houston or anywhere in the U.S., it’s our customer service that sets us apart. Our specialists have the insight and knowledge to ensure you buy the right shipping container for your needs — whether you’re looking to store excess furniture or you’re transforming it into an additional living space.

Trust Boxhub in Houston as your shipping container supplier and experience the possibilities.

Boxhub offers a wide selection of new and used shipping containers for sale in Houston, Texas. Our specialists are always available to help you choose the right shipping container for your needs. We offer 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers for your convenience. Both sizes are available in three types of conditions.

Wind and Watertight

These units have spent an average of 12 to 18 years at sea — and, in some cases, for longer periods of time. While they no longer meet those requirements, they’re equipped with fully functioning doors and floors and are ideal for static storage uses.

Cargo Worthy

Shipping containers offer reliable structural integrity and can still be certified to ship cargo across the ocean. Certification is an at-cost service that Boxhub can coordinate upon request.


A one-trip shipping container has only made a single trip of dry cargo to the U.S. and is built to last for decades to come — no upfront painting or maintenance necessary. These units are ideal for constructing tiny homes/ home offices or to be placed in a visible area around your property.

If you’re looking for alternative housing and storage methods, Boxhub offers container storage solutions in Houston and nationwide.

Our simple three-step process helps customers understand how to secure a shipping container for their needs.

Step 1

Choose a standardized container size and your preferred condition. With this insight, our team will source the perfect unit.

Step 2

Select your preferred delivery time, and we’ll deliver your shipping container directly to your door.

Step 3

Your Houston shipping container is delivered by an experienced operator & left precisely where you need it.

We take the hassle and inconvenience of sourcing Houston storage containers off your shoulders. Our truck operators and customer service teamwork to make the process seamless and enjoyable, so you can enjoy using your shipping container as soon as possible.

Several businesses in Houston are utilising new or used shipping containers in their daily business operations, including:

Food & Beverage

Texas is home to some of the most renowned restaurants and food suppliers in the country. Whether they’re converting Houston’s used shipping containers to trendy restaurants or using these durable containers to transport goods, there’s no question about the value shipping containers bring to this industry.


Container homes are undoubtedly on the rise in Houston, with homeowners and developers using this creative solution to build one-of-a-kind structures that provide the same level of comfort and warmth as traditional homes. Visitors to the city can even experience container home living, thanks to a number of Airbnb properties available.

Commercial Properties

Companies are continuously looking for scalable working solutions, and shipping containers are providing them. Across the city and growing nationwide, commercial property owners are transforming used shipping containers in Houston, TX, into unique spaces for their startups — giving them the space they need at a fraction of the cost of leasing a traditional office space.

The cost of shipping containers in Texas will vary depending on several factors, including the size and whether you’re looking to purchase from an inventory of new or used shipping containers.

If you're looking to buy a shipping container in Houston, Boxhub can help. We offer a selection of durable shipping containers for sale, in new and used conditions, and at fair, competitive prices. Our specialists can take you through our inventory and help you identify if a Houston storage container is right for your needs.

We provide a comprehensive cost breakdown, so you’re never left wondering if you’re paying a fair price.

Texas is known for its unique homes, including three notable must-sees:

The McGowen container house is a three-story home spread over an impressive 2,500 square feet. Located in Houston, this shipping container home boasts a modern kitchen, spacious living room, and rooftop deck with unforgettable city views.

Residents and visitors can frequent The Container Bar in Austin, a multi-colored structure with unique interiors, local beverages, an outdoor patio and more.

If you’re driving through Lake Travis, you’ll likely pass by a lakeside property made entirely out of shipping containers. Made of three separate containers that have been joined together, it features spacious, open-concept living, multi-level patios, and panoramic views.

Boxhub is proud to be a leading supplier of new and used shipping containers in Houston, Texas, and across the United States.

Whether you’re looking to ship, store, or even renovate, we offer a selection of 20 and 40-foot containers made of durable, weathering COR-TEN Steel. Simply enter your zip code, and select the right storage or shipping container based on our list of containers for sale and your preferred condition.

Once you’ve selected your new or used container storage in Houston or your preferred location, review your cart and enter your payment method. Our truck operators will ensure your shipping container arrives in its original condition.

Contact us today to learn more about container storage in Houston and nationwide.